The Call Of Mary Magdalene

Many women have become interested in Mary Magdalene, feeling her wisdom calling to them. You may be one of those women. Her feminine wisdom teaches about sisterhood, not competition; about reconnecting the feminine web, not separating through jealousy and resentment.

Maria Magdalena has been coming to me through books and visions for some years now and I love learning from her. I found out that she ended up in southern France after Jesus’ death, but I felt resistance to go there to connect with her energy.

When my teacher Raven invited me to Nice, France last month to assist in her Mystic Shaman Training, I said “no” at first. But, being the amazing wise woman that Raven is, she knew there was something hidden behind my “no” and asked me again with such great compassion that I broke down in sobs. I didn’t even know what I was crying about, but I knew I had to go to Nice with her. I was afraid to face the unknown mystery that haunted me from deep inside my soul, but when Spirit clearly calls me, I always go.

I arrived in Nice a day before Raven to do some site seeing. My hotel was on a busy street filled with restaurants, but I was too tired to go to dinner. During that first night a mysterious yearning crept in slowly, turning into a feeling of breathtaking devastation. It twisted my insides with shocking visions of traumatized Mary Magdalene watching her beloved Jesus dying on the cross. The vision was unbearable and I suffered terribly, unable to shake it off.  Then, my vision changed to seeing Mary coming off a boat in Nice. Again, I was inside her experience as she attempted and prayed to leave her deep suffering behind her, but the trauma was too deep.
I walked around the streets of Nice all morning, lost in my pain, my heart wrecked from the horrific visions.

My inner torture didn’t stop until I finally walked into the waters of the turquoise sea and let their healing waves cleanse my devastation. As sorrow drained out of me into the endless blue sea, I felt a joyful peace taking its place.

I wept listening to the magic waters of southern France tell me a story of how they healed Mary Magdalena from immense trauma, giving her another life with a great purpose and destiny. History tells us that she died of old age in southern France. I believe that her soul knew that she would share her great wisdom when the time was right. At the dusk of Piscean Patriarchal Age, she would help us birth the Divine Feminine into the New Age of Aquarius.

I danced around on the rocky beach, absorbing the beauty all around me like a starving magnet. I finally felt free and everything inside me shined and sparkled with renewal, with Rebirth. I felt at great peace knowing that Mary had found her healing in southern France.

As my heart opened, her wisdom channeled into me, transforming and rearranging my believes. I saw how the feminine in our world has been processing grief from many centuries of oppression and abuse. Our grief wants to be released, it needs to transform into wisdom and compassion, and a deep understanding of human nature.

The Goddess was present everywhere in Nice. Statues hidden in plain sight, calling out to people, asking them to remember. Her loving and nurturing energy weaved itself like wind through the leaves of trees on the streets of Nice. I sat atop a two story open buss, touring for over two hours around the city of Nice. Like a child excited to see her mothers face everywhere, I saw Mary Magdalene‘s face loving me, gazing at me from the statues on tops of buildings, from the turquoise sea, from ancient ruins that still remembered.

Her clues remain visible in southern France for those who have eyes to see them. Her voice still sings songs for those who have years that can hear.

Her energy is now stronger than ever, calling women to step into their divine feminine, to Embody the Goddess. This is the time she has been waiting for!

As the reign of the Goddess begins, she calls to us, beckoning us to release the armor around our hearts, to connect to our Intuitive Feminine Power and release all resentment, anger, fear, pain, stress and isolation.

Our work is to release the accumulated suffering, to heal the trauma, so that we can have better relationships, more vital energy, beauty, happiness and abundance.

What would change for you if you accepted her call for transformation?

It is the feminine that teaches about emotional and spiritual Maturity. It is her creative wisdom that holds the answers to the questions that plague humanity. It is time to embody your unshakable power, to ground in your feminine essence and become a leader of Sacred Feminine Wisdom.

Are you ready to empty the heavy burdens from your inner chalice and fill up with light and love?

The Goddess is calling you.
Are you willing to hear and answer Her call?

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Mary Magdalene truly embodied the Goddess, patiently waiting for the right time to come forward.
She has shared incredible wisdom through “The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene”, which was acquired in Cairo and preserved since 1896 in the national Museum of Berlin.


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