Women are the center.

Ancient shamanic wisdom tells us that a woman’s place is in the center.  The center of her family, her community, her tribe, her circle and her heart.

But what does it really mean to be the center and how do we get back into this center?

As I continue to become more aware of the Goddess returning into me I find that the center is where it all begins.  It’s the source of creation, it’s the source of radiant light that nurtures and warms all that it touches.  A woman who returns to her center is able to create peace and joy and awe and bliss and radiate it out from within her.

She carries a sacred space in her womb and knows how to weave magic with its energy.  As the Goddess awakens within her, she rips through the scar tissues of many battered and neglected wombs, fulfilling them with her grace.


Many of us have been cut out of the sacred center where we belong by the church, by society, by those who wanted power and those who didn’t know better.  Maybe it was because of the ways of the Piscean Age, because humanity was experimenting with destruction or was it the outcome of the Industrial Age?  It doesn’t matter since everything happens for a good reason.  Sometime it takes time to see what the good was in that good reason.

For thousands of years to be a woman in our world was to experience a deep gnawing loss of the Goddess.  We were disconnected from our bodies, our hearts, our emotions, our intuition, told that our sacred wisdom was dirty.

Now we live in a time where we are all experiencing The Return of The Goddess!  As the Goddess returns back into the body of every female, she comes in orgasmic waves of blissful rage, ripping through the chains of suffocating beliefs, fears and propaganda.

It is her time now.  It is her time to take over the pain, the insanity, the fears and the worries of every woman and burn them with her radiating light.  Just like the sun, like a true star.

As I give myself, my body and my life to the Goddess I am blown away by her kindness, her compassion for all, her magnificent forgiveness, her excited desire to play, to feel, to sense, to touch and be touched.  It is deep healing.

It is time for us, women to accept our place in the center and allow the healing to come through.  It is already happening!  Now it’s time to become aware of it, to get to know it, to play with it and to let it teach you.

Let it teach you!

RETURN OF THE GODDESS, a divine workshop for women.  Sunday, January 18th, 2015, 2:00 – 4:00 pm at The Awareness Center.


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