The True Source of Feminine Power

I painted this image of The Great Goddess Kali to deepen my connection to her!

Can we truly heal our suffering?

Can we release past trauma, resentment and anger accumulated from being mistreated, misunderstood and oppressed for thousands of years, as well as in this present lifetime? 

The answer is YES!

The first step is to become aware that, as women, we leak energy when we use fake/false feminine power?  Fake power drains our life-force by creating stress, fear, pain, isolation and mental conflict.  It makes us unhappy by disconnecting us from ourselves, our bodies, our hearts and our ability to be discerning.  This false power drowns us in false masks and identities, stealing our natural ability to create authentic and nurturing relationships. 

To sign up for a FREE live zoom webinar on Saturday, August 17th at 2 PM Pacific Time please email me at

The Topic will be: Using Fake Feminine Power makes us unstable and creates victim-hood, manipulation, seduction and energetic wars. Worst of all, Fake Power is actually normal and encouraged in our society, it’s all over TV, Instagram, FB and all around us.  

The clues to what fake feminine power is are hidden within the archetypes, masks and identities that women create to survive and fit into this world.  

But, who wants to just survive?  It is time for us to free ourselves from having to use fake feminine power and connect to the True Source of Feminine Power.  Connecting to the True Source of Feminine Power can release our suffering. So, that is step two.

How do we connect to it and where do we find it? 

The True Source of Feminine Power comes through our relationship with the Great Cosmic Mother Universe who gives birth to all and holds all creation in love.  In the oldest tradition she’s known as Kali, Black Isis, Auset.  When we expand into her heart space and connect to her infinitely compassionate and ceaselessly creative energy, our suffering can be released.  She is the most healing and nurturing energy and she’s calling to us right now. 

She is the origin of True Power!

Connecting to True Feminine Power can help you to be at home with yourself, to have more trust, clarity, prosperity and health.  The Great Divine Dark Mother’s compassionate wisdom can guide you into having more loving and fulfilling relationships.  She’s beyond dualities and is the true source of freedom, unconditional love and compassionate wisdom…

In Embody The Goddess Workshop you will deepen your connection to your Intuitive Feminine Power and attain more self-confidence, peace and satisfaction. You will also receive the keys to lasting happiness through bringing balance and harmony to the war between the masculine and feminine patterns within you and your relationships. 

Please, preregister for Embody The Goddess, Awaken And Heal Your Intuitive Feminine Power coming up on Saturday, August 24th at 2 pm at The Awareness Center in Pasadena!

Sign up for a FREE live zoom webinar on Saturday, August 17th at 2 PM by emailing me at ASAP.

Please, share this with the women in your life.  Let us expand our sisterhood and help the feminine to awaken and heal.



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