What’s Your Story?

So, what’s your story going to be this year?

I believe that true happiness comes from becoming aware of our freedom to choose how we process life and how we feel about our life experiences.  We get to choose how we tell our life stories.  We don’t have to follow the rules of the culture we live in or the rules of our parents.  We can write our own stories.

Can you tell your story in a way that inspires you? 

Maybe your story could even inspire others?

This is a very important practice, because how we tell our stories actually creates the essence of our lives. How we feel about our life experiences actually creates our life stories. Can you see the truth, beauty and goodness of your life experiences?  If we are able to see what a particular life experience is trying to inspire within us, then we can use it to awaken to inspired action.  We can “Do” life from divine inspiration.

For example, what does a moment of rage inspire within you?  To set boundaries, to yell and scream and maybe to change the things that you can change and drop the things that you can not change?  Maybe it cracks your heart open to compassion and acceptance for yourself? Compassion and acceptance for other human beings who are just like you in so many ways?

What inspires you to grow, to push on, to let go, to surrender, to love, to follow your passions, to become a teacher, a writer, a hero?  What inspires you to become more?

Our ego finds importance in many things, like how we look, how others see us, things we own, our relationship status, blah blah blah.  But to Spirit, none of this matters.  It is all insignificant in the grand scheme of infinite eternal life.  Spirit will sacrifice anything to ignite the Divine Spark within us.

To Great Spirit, it is not important what inspires us to expand and evolve.  Whether it’s suffering, pain, pleasure, joy, love, illness, despair, desire. It doesn’t matter to our souls, because our souls do not judge life as good or bad, right or wrong, short or long.

Sometimes it’s a painful breakup that inspires us to follow our true passions, sometimes it’s love and sometimes it’s cancer.  In this world of duality, anything goes.  We are free to use any feeling or experience as fuel, as life giving energy.  It does not matter if it is ‘negative’ or ‘positive’.

So, how are you going to write your story?

Love, Be 🙂


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