Walking your truth (with Video)

How do we walk in our truth, shine our light, feel joyful, safe and authentic in the midst of all the stress, threats, worry, anger, passive aggressive negative energies blowing at us from others?

How do we survive in such an environment without numbing our senses, hiding ourselves, pretending that we are not affected, without fighting and judging and pushing and grasping and losing ourselves?

What about the chaos inside? It is not easy to break through the chains of our inner thoughts and beliefs that create stress, anxiety, depression… It takes tremendous inner power, a commitment to our truth, to our hearts, our courage, vulnerability and intuitive inner knowing. It takes practice, perseverance, wisdom and tremendous self-compassion to shine in the midst of darkness, to love in the midst of anger and hate, to be able to soothe the suffering within us and in those around us.

It is important to balance our masculine and feminine energies, because they affect our hormones, our relationships and our emotions. There is a lot of misconception and stigma in the world on this topic. (I will go deep into how to find this balance and harmony so we can be happy and fulfilled in my Portal Into Destiny course starting on January 23rd.)

Instead of others causing us to be a who they want us to be, it is up to us to create our own destiny of who we are and who we intend to become. Life and relationships do not get better when we figure out how to please each other. They get better when we know how to fulfill ourselves and let everything else fall into place. It is time to find your effortless flow in life, to release your suffering, to get what you want out of your relationships, your health and your life.

Who do you want to be on this planet? Someone who spreads anxiety, fear, anger, frustration and stress or do you want to be someone who soothes, loves, heals and brings peace to all while standing in your own authentic power?
What is your legacy, your destiny?

To register for PORTAL INTO DESTINY please email BeatrisHeals@gmail.com.
Love, light and peace,

Beatris provides an amazing transformative class! I’m still noticing an unveiling of gifts, reflections and new shifts of awareness continuing to unfold. I am more present in my heart… Beatris’s presence with us is completely nurturing as she holds a space for us to feel safe during her guidance of the meditations. The magic unveils itself…” -Allison S.

“Your insights and discoveries brought me so much healing. Thank you for your vulnerability and trust. The meditation brought me to a greater understanding of what my inner light feels like, looks like and sounds like. Thank you Beatris for this gift.” – Claudia E.


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