Dreaming Big (with video)

I used to think that dreaming big and desiring too much was a recipe for overwhelm and disappointment.  I was too scared watching the big dreamers around me get crushed by disappointment and get lost in huge ups and downs.  It seemed like life hit them hard when they dreamed too big and desired too much.  So, I played it safe, never dreamed too big.

My moment of awakening came when I realized that dreaming big was not blocking them, but it was their Source of inspiration, their fuel, what channeled their life force and made them spring out of bed in the morning and stay up late at night. 

Are you a big dreamer or afraid to dream big?

Learning about the secrets of creating my desires and dreams effortlessly provided the safety that I needed to dream big. I have been dreaming big for a couple of years and it has been energizing, exiting and life transforming. 

I am so passionate about this topic that I had to make a short video to channel a little bit of the wisdom for you:

Whether your big dream is becoming a powerful leader, creating a big family, traveling the world, losing weight, becoming healthy, helping children… it is a worthy dream and is calling you for a good reason.  Remember your ability to dream big as a child ant tap into that again. There is great power in it, but you need to know how to channel it properly.

I see big dreamers mostly get lost in the “how?”  The dream feels overwhelming when we try to figure it all out and there is a tendency to give up and compromise. This drains their energy.

Or they get lost is in thinking that this next big thing: diet, deal, relationship, idea… is “THE ONE”.  If it doesn’t work out, then the disappointment can be devastating.  

The KEY is to hold your vision of the big goal up in front of you, but only focus on taking the next step. Focus on the next little step and that’s it.  And TUST that the Universe will always provide the next step and the next and the the one after that.  One step at a time.

Clarity of what the goal is, is also very important, because the Universe may decide to take you through a shortcut that looks nothing like you expected, and without TRUST, you can slow yourself down with resistance.

Our Universe is designed to provide whatever you are asking for, anything that you desire is possible to create. But, can you be a cooperative conscious co-creator?

CONSCIOUS CREATING WORKSHOP, 5 STEPS TO MANIFESTING YOUR DESIRES is on Sunday March 31, 2019, 3-6:30 pm. It will help you attract more money, better relationships and anything else that you desire. Come to clear away the patterns that stand in your way of manifesting your goals, and set yourself up on an exiting and easy path to creating your desires.

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