Desires and Goals

Are desires good or bad?

Some spiritual people say that our desires and goals should be non-material, that having desires is egotistical.

However, we live in a material world, we are made of physical stuff, we enjoy seeing beautiful things, wearing clothes, driving to places, living in comfortable environments. It is great to have a spiritual purpose and calling that inspires your desires, and usually those desires lead us to goals that have physical manifestations like homes, cars, finances and even health, body weight and beauty.

There are plenty of things that we don’t have any problems creating, calling in, becoming, manifesting. And then, there are those things that we are dying to manifest, but they seem out of our reach. We yearn for them, we work hard, we try to make them happen, but the harder we try the further they run away from us.

Why is it, that some things are so easy for us to create and others hard?

It has to do with our beliefs and programming. Science tells us that our subconscious is a million times more powerful than our conscious mind. So, no matter how many affirmations we use, no matter how much we tell ourselves that we can make it happen, if our subconscious beliefs are opposing our desires, then we are stuck.

Our subconscious maybe running programs like “ I want it, but I’m unworthy of it, it’s too hard, what if it makes me unhappy, what if people hate me, I can’t do it.” Even a subconscious program like “Why hasn’t it happened yet?” can slow down our creating process. Often, we are unaware of these hidden thoughts, but they block our power and steal our energy.

If we can convince our subconscious mind to align with what we desire, then all forces of the Universe will be at our beck and call. It will feel as if our desires are creating themselves, because it is so effortless and fun. That’s because our subconscious will use it’s immense power to bring us what we want, instead of blocking it.

When we unblock our subconscious power, we enter “the zone” and hard work feels like play, suffering transforms into pleasure and confusion into confidence.

People who have mastered success don’t work hard at what they are going after, they work hard at finding ways to make what they want to get EASY. They make it look easy, because they operate in the realm of fun and effortlessness, where any goal and desire is achievable.

At Conscious Creating workshop on March 31st we will go deep into the subconscious mind and transform many beliefs that are opposing our desires and goals. We will bring the hidden thoughts that block us up to the surface and clear them away.

Many years ago I heard Abraham-Hicks say that life is supposed to be easy. Since then, I have been on a quest to embody this wisdom, and the Universe has been teaching me how! The process is simple, energizing and powerful! I’m excited to share it with you.

Please, register at the Awareness Center website to save your space.

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