Are you creating your thoughts?

Am I creating my thoughts, or are my thoughts creating me?

Last week I had a massive awakening. I was dreading doing my taxes with my husband, Thomas, and I was procrastinating, of course. 

Then, I suddenly became aware of my thoughts: “I hate doing taxes with him.  It’s too hard.  I’ll have to look at a bunch of boring paperwork, what a hassle.  We’ll just end up having an argument about taxes.  Again.”

All of a sudden I “Woke Up” to how my thoughts were creating a horribly negative experience for me.  My higher, wiser self asked:  “Am I creating these thoughts, or are these thoughts creating me?”

Where were those thoughts coming from anyway?  Old programming from my parents?  Past traumatic experiences?  Maybe.

The point was:  My thoughts were being created by my past, not by me. I felt my power pouring back into me as the realization set in.

Why give my creative power away to an old belief.  As creator, I have the power to lead my thoughts and to change my thoughts, if I want to.  If I don’t consciously create my thoughts in the present moment, then my past creates my thoughts for me. 

It’s scary to think that my thoughts and emotions are creating my reality, whether I’m “Awake” or “Asleep”.

The old belief was creating my reality by thinking “it’s too hard. It will take too much effort. I don’t want to do it”.  It filled me with resistance and sucked the fun out of my life experience.  In fact, the thoughts it was creating left me exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated.

I decided that instead of my thoughts creating me I will take my power back and create my thoughts, chose my thoughts. So I changed my thoughts to: “Taxes can be easy.  If I’m present, then taxes can be fun and effortless.  I know I can do this!” I did some deep breathing excercises, changed my posture and aligned with my higher self.  I became ease and flow. I became fun, delight and effortlessness. I showed up with a positive attitude expecting ease.  

This became my inner reality and the universe had to match the outer reality with my inner reality.  That is a Universal Law.

For the first time I actually had a great time working on taxes with Thomas. It was interesting, fun and easy!  I caught myself giggling, enjoying Thomas’s calculator and giving him little kisses as he focused on the numbers. We had a blast.

Now THAT’s creating my reality!

Where in your life are YOU letting your thoughts push you around and create your reality for you?  What belief and programming is taking charge within you?
“Wake Up” and take the lead!

To support you in your “Awakening” I am offering TWO THINGS:

 1.       I have extended and expanded the Creativity and Prosperity Meditation, so jump on its powerful momentum with me and the Awareness Center community.

You have until February 14, 2019 to begin your 40 day 11 minute Creativity and Prosperity Meditation. If you have started doing it with me on December 27, 2018, then you can either complete your 40 days on Monday, February 4, 2019 or keep going with me.  I will continue until March 28, 2019, which is over 90 days.  I have already had many breakthroughs and transformations, so I’m very exited to keep going. I lead this powerful meditation in my Thursday night 7:30 pm yoga classes and will continue until March 28, 2019. You’re welcome to join me in class!

Here is my YouTube video that you can follow along at home:

11 minute meditation lead by Beatris

2.        Save the date for my Conscious Creativity Workshop, Five Steps to Manifesting Your Desires on Sunday, March 31st, 2019 3:00 – 6:30 pm.  In this workshop you’ll learn how to easily align with the creative forces of the Universe and attract health, wealth, happiness, love, harmony and anything else that you desire.  Come and discover the SECRETS to achieving any goal with ease, fun and effortlessness.

Do you have a vision for 2019? 
It’s time to “Wake Up” to your creative power and let it work for you.

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