Setting Powerful Boundaries

If you want to feel open, happy, authentic and safe in the world, then you need to have strong boundaries. But, to set boundaries you have to know what your needs are, and be sensitive and aware when someone pushes against your boundaries or crosses them. Being sensitive to our needs creates natural boundaries that arise whenever needed, so we don’t have to build fences and walls around ourselves.

Boundaries are specially important with our partners. But how do we set these sensitive boundaries that naturally arise?

First, get clear about your true needs and don’t expect anyone else to guess them. What do you require to be in your truth, to be who you truly want to be? Knowing yourself is key. Be honest with yourself.

It’s also important to have emotional intelligence within yourself to be able to speak about your needs and the consequences when your boundaries have been crossed. Consequences are not punishments or threats. Consequences are natural things that happen to us when our boundaries are crossed and we don’t get what we need.

Once you set your boundaries, it is crucial that you stay loyal and true to your needs. This is not natural for most of us, because we have been taught to sacrifice our needs for others. But without loyalty to ourselves, we lose our self-confidence and self-trust and cannot be happy in relationships.

Understanding my needs, setting boundaries, and becoming more sensitive and aware has helped me find more happiness, stay true to myself and follow my Destiny. This is one of my favorite topics that I will be going deeper into during my upcoming course, Portal Into Destiny!

To learn more about Portal Into Destiny check out my blog HERE.


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