“Being human is not easy!”: I say this to myself all the time.  Between the stress and life challenges that keep on coming, our emotional and hormonal swings that mess with our moods, the turbulence caused by our work, relationships, health, fear, worry… sometimes it seems like there is just no getting off the roller coaster.

Deep down, most of us are pestered by a desire for wholeness, a fulfillment that can only come from our connection with our true self and walking our true path.  Over the years I have discovered that this has little to do with us changing our outer environment, like our job, partner, city, physical appearance… and everything to do with changing our inner environment. But, this takes time, practice and an unwavering commitment to ourselves, our truth and our destiny.

I am so grateful for the tools that I use to ride the turbulent waves of life!  I thank and bless my incredible teachers that have helped me wake up from the numbed sleep that is the typical condition in our society called “normal”.  I find that “normal” really hurts.  It creates mood disorders, eating disorders, addictions, cravings, and feelings of emptiness and despair.

I believe that our true destiny is to embody our spirit as much as possible and let our spirit guide our way. Not our heads or our sex organs, but to allow our hearts and souls to lead us. For this we need to come into harmony and balance with our bodies, minds, emotions and our environment, within and without. This opens a portal into a naturally effortless balanced flow down the river of destiny. Otherwise there is a lot of effort causing heavy stress on the body and the rest of our human system, as we try to swim upstream.

My wish for the upcoming 2022 course, PORTAL INTO DESTINY, is to help you awaken to your own truth, to hear the song of your destiny and to align your body and mind with it.  Are you ready to set boundaries that support your freedom, balance and happiness, so you can maintain a state of connection with your Higher Self and follow its guidance?

Below is a VIDEO that describes my upcoming course, PORTAL INTO DESTINY and the informational flyer that may answer some of your questions.
Here is a link to this same VIDEO on YouTube

To register for PORTAL INTO DESTINY or to ask me questions about it, please email BeatrisHeals@gmail.com by January 12, 2022.

Happy New Year and may your 2022 be your best year ever!
Love, light and peace,

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