Trump teaches a Spiritual Lesson

Once again, Spirit provides a great lesson: INSPIRATION ALWAYS WINS!

I was shocked to see so many people around me too disappointed in their presidential choices to vote this time.

I didn’t know what to do with my choices either, so I asked Spirit for help.

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Spirit provided me with a beautiful vision, showing me that having a female body in a presidential post would be enough to transform the psyche of many people.  Inspired, I read through the ballot thoroughly for the first time in my life and voted with full awareness.

I woke up in the morning to Trump as the President of the United States of America. 

What now?

I know that Spirit always has a plan and we get exactly what we need. 

Nevertheless, I needed more guidance so I asked Spirit to show me what truly happened in this election and a great realization came!

Here is how I translate what Spirit told me:

People who voted for Trump desired him; they were deeply inspired and fired up for transformation.  They wanted Trump to be their president and they believed that he could make their lives and their Country better.

People who voted for Clinton were voting for the lesser of the two evils.  Without much inspiration and out of obligation they voted to “save” themselves from Trump, the embarrassment of this Country.  That kind of creating has no power of manifestation, no momentum and no energy.  It’s full of resistance.

Trumps people were true creators; they told the Universe exactly what they wanted!  

Spirit sees no good or evil, right or wrong.  Spirit sees inspiration, power, desire to manifest, momentum of creative energy and authentic excitement about the outcome.

Trumps voters had that.

And then, another spiritual lesson came through: HAVE FUN! 

Trump seemed to be having fun throughout the whole process.  He was having fun talking smack at the podium, flirting, bullshitting, making up slogans and a bunch of other crap.  He was a riot when he was on TV.  He didn’t seem to take any of it too seriously, and even when he was serious, he was not attached to his seriousness.  He seemed to be goofing off!

That’s another lesson in manifestation, a lesson on how to live life, how to thrive!


Here in California, we are at the leading edge of consciousness.  I know that we will find a way to continue to expand our awareness, our wisdom and compassion, no matter who our President may be!

Trump will be bringing us many more spiritual lessons.  So, keep your spirit eyes open…

Healing Yourself Healing Others


Our time here on earth is quickening.  I can feel the vibrational frequencies of the atoms around us and within us pick up speed and I discover an unexpected symptom:

Our deepest traumas are clearing out of our bodies. 


Traumas are dense, low vibrating energies.  As the Aquarian Age is raising the frequencies of our bodies, the lower frequencies are being squeezed out.  In our physical bodies this may look like anxiety, exhaustion, panic attacks, stomach aches, headaches, depression…even illness, like cancer.  We may feel bad when a trauma is clearing, but we can feel gloriously blissful every time a piece of it moves out.

There is a need for more healing and hope.

Yogi Bhajan told us that the Aquarian Age will create more intense bliss as well as more intense suffering.  It can feel excruciating when we come face to face with a trauma and even more excruciating as it is clearing out or transforming.  The bliss comes after with great relief!

Will the need to heal ever end?  I don’t know.  As I continue to heal myself, people come to me and ask me to help them heal.  As I help them heal, I find myself healing deeper.  Whenever we focus on healing, massive Universal Forces send us their healing light.  I can feel their magical support system.

Awakening our healer within is not a recreational hobby anymore.  At this day and age it’s a necessity.  It’ is skill that we need to survive this ever changing magnificent creation.

I love this quote by Yogi Bhajan:

“People will be attracted to you like the magnet attracts iron.  They will ask you for help.  They are not asking “you” for help, they are asking your aura to help them… Just extend yourself…just help them to calm their inner volcano.”

I find it helpful to keep my focus on beauty and inspiration and let what’s fun and joyful guide me, stay present to my heart and listen to my spirit.  I use Mother Nature, yoga and meditation to re-balance, realign and heal myself daily.  I learn to trust the unfolding of my life experience.


With deep pleasure, I invite you to join me for a 40 day meditation that was taught by Yogi Bhajan in 1999 and is designed to help us develop the power to heal. As you do this meditation, you will heal yourself and at the same time develop the power to heal others.  I love doing this meditation to Snatam Kaur’s RaMaDaSa.

I will be including this meditation into my weekly yoga class on Thursday nights at the Awareness Center for the next 40 days!

Also, take advantage of the upcoming Healer Training starting in May at the Awareness Center as taught by the powerful shaman priestess kundalini yoga teacher Wahe Guru Kaur.  It will knock your socks off!!!

Here is the Healing Meditation to do for 40 days (if you don’t have 11 minutes, then just do it for 3 minutes):

RaMaDaSa meditation

RaMaDaSa meditation2

Please, let me know how it’s going for you in the comments section below!  And for deeper healing and understand of trauma, I recommend a great book by my teacher Dr. Raven Lee “Unbinding the Soul”.

With deep love and gratitude,



Kundalini Yoga Shaman

I sat in a morning ritual circle with Siberian Shaman friends last Sunday, chanting, singing, praying… and that’s when Yogi Bhajan spoke to me.

We were high with spirit and deeply in sync after a beautiful nature run followed by meditative movement.

Shaman Dance

I called in my deepest desires for the new Chinese year with powerful decrees in my own unique dance among a circle of supporters. Spirit moved with goose bumps and waves of elation!  

And when we sat down to do our closing circle, sing and chant, it happened…

One of the participants put Snatam Kaur’s “Long Time Sun” song on and I started singing along.  The energy of Kundalini Yoga blended into my high and my spirit began to soar higher than before.

Suddenly, Yogi Bhajan appeared in front of me.  His kind face smiling, his penetrating stare looking deep into my subconscious, waiting for me to ask my burning question.

“I’ve gotten so good at non-reacting to things that push my buttons, Yogi Bhajan.”  I said to him.  “But, I can’t let go of this one thing.  This thing (I’m called to keep it confidential for now) that can push my deepest button, the button with roots so far into my being that I can not even imagine ever fully healing it.”

“Please, please take it away!”  I pleaded.

“You have asked to be strong and non-reactive, my child.”  Yogi Bhajan responded compassionately, but very directly.

“This biggest button is your Gage.” he said: “Use it to know how good you are getting at your non-reactive power.  Let it help you master your non-reactive strength.”

Then he raised his hand and I watched him shoot a white lightening rod into the center of my chest.  It filled me with deep understanding, patience and bliss…

On my drive home, I thought about how blessed I am to get to teach the magnificence of Kundalini Yoga, to have my daily morning yoga practice and feel the protection and guidance of the holy master who brought Kundalini Yoga to my corner of the world.

I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga classes on Thursday nights, 7:30 pm at the Awareness Center in Pasadena for over 13 years now.  I LOVE IT!

In deep humble gratitude,

Beatris Sat Avtar Kaur

Rainbow circle




couple fighting

I often hear from couples who live together that their partner doesn’t give them enough attention or listen to them.  So, I created a quiz question that helps to get clear about this topic:

How do you get your partner to pay attention & listen to you?

a.  Catch them when they look somewhat available & start talking. Keep talking even if they start walking away.

b. Complain that they never listen to you & attack whatever is taking up their attention (ex: work, kids…).

c. Become aloof, act hurt, shut down & avoid them. Make them suffer by ignoring them.

d. Threaten them with breaking up (or divorce) so they know you mean business.

e. None of the above.


Of course, the answer is e, but if you think you don’t do a, b or c when you don’t get attention from your partner, think again.  You may not be aware when you’re doing this, and that goes for both men and women. Feel free to ask your partner, I am sure they’ll be happy to enlighten you.

Going aloof and attacking is a typical way we sabotage our relationship when we are off balance.  Most of us tend to switch back and forth between being the victim and the aggressor.

Then what IS a good way to get your partner to pay attention & listen to you?

First, become aware.  Recognize that both of you are trying to fill your need for love and attention, connection and intimacy, but may be manifesting the opposite of what you want.  Setting a time to talk, when both of you will be available, is a good way to start.

Second, come to the ECSTATIC RELATIONSHIP WORKSHOP and find out how to get your partner to pay attention & listen to you in a way that works, a way that is empowering and satisfying to both of you.

Learn how to set your relationship up to WIN!

It’s so hard to ask

vulnerable woman

Asking is vulnerable.  When we ask we have to be able to give up control to another person.  I torment myself with loads of questions before I can ask my partner for anything:

What if he said “no”? 

What if he thinks that I’m needy? 

What if he feels burdened by me? 

What if he does it “wrong”? 

What if he forgets? 

What if I turn him off? 

Doesn’t he care about me enough to notice?

Why can’t he just figure it out? …

vulnerable man

My research shows that for men, the questions are a little different:

Has she lost interest in me?

Is she more interested in her work/kids/cleaning/pot-roast then me?

Is she not attracted to me anymore?

Why doesn’t she want more sex, more intimacy?

Why doesn’t she pay attention and listen to me?

Do I need to make more money to attract her?

Sometimes, we don’t even think to ask.  Specially if we have been declined before.  In partnership, asking can feel uncomfortable, that’s why many of us don’t ask.  Some of our needs and desires are intimate, maybe even embarrassing.

The more important something is to us, the harder it is to ask for.

When I ask, I feel like I put myself into someone else’s hands,  I give up control and give up my power to them.  That makes me feel naked, vulnerable and out of control.  It is no wonder I often choose to do everything myself, instead of asking for help.  Just the thought of “I’m asking for help” can make me feel powerless and weak.

In this society we are often too busy or tired.  Our asking is often laced with guilt, hurt and fear and is therefore powerless and creates powerlessness in our partners.

So, what does a powerful “ASK” look like?  What does it sound like?

Mature couple talking together in sofa

A powerful ask exudes true confidence, sensitivity, understanding, trust.  It’s a dance of giving and receiving.   It’s knowing how to inspire your partner to want to provide something for you and knowing how to receive it fully and graciously.

A good ask is laced with appreciation, love and freedom.

In any partnership, the power of our “ask” is equal to how much we value ourselves.  How much we think we are worth to the person we are asking from.

When we can feel powerful in our vulnerability, when we learn to enjoy standing naked and out of control in front of our partner, when we know how to feel grounded and connected to our higher source, then our asking will be powerful and empower others.

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Getting what you want from your partner!

Are you getting what you want?

happy couple (300 x 199)

We all want to get more love, more compassion, more understanding, more sex, more connection, more intuitiveness… more from our partners.  We may feel fulfilled in some way, but there’s always something we want more of.  That’s the nature of being human.

How do we get what we want?  This is the ultimate question whether you’re in a relationship or are looking for a partner.

I used to think that if I complained about what I am NOT getting, or make my partner feel guilty, or demand what I wanted, then my partner would give it to me.  But, I also wanted him to give it to me willingly and happily.  Riiiiiiiiiiiight…

I constantly complained about what I’m not getting, hoping that my partner would do something about it.  I’d throw hints at him: “Why can’t you do this?  Why are you doing that?  The dishes are dirty… I just cleaned the table and you already covered it with crumbs…  You’re not doing this and that right…”  If my complaining didn’t work then I got louder, nastier, more hurtful and animated.  I thought this would work, but instead, my partner and I continued to get disconnected and unhappy.  Of course, I blamed him for it all.

I waited and waited, hoping that one day he will figure this out and save us from the downhill spiral.  Eventually, I started giving up on some of what I wanted altogether and became hopeless and bitter.

Sound familiar?

And then, about 10 years ago, I was in a self-help workshop and a light bulb went off in my head.  I realized that there was a way to get what I wanted from my partner, and it was possible to have him provide it willingly and happily!

Since then, I’ve been practicing, experimenting and perfecting my skill of getting what I want from my partner in a way that empowers both of us and creates peace and joy.  It’s not always easy, but it works! I’m excited to share some of my techniques here with you.  I will be teaching a relationship workshop on December 6th for more in-depth understanding and practice.

So, how do we get what we want?

Short answer is: ASK.  But it’s all about how you ask and when you ask.  As Allison Armstrong put it:

“You need a great ASK!”

Complaining and demanding is what asking sounds like from a place of lack, fear and powerlessness.  When you ask this way it means you are already upset and hopeless.  This kind of asking actually blocks the giver AND your ability to receive.

So, you need to ask from a place of abundance, trust and power. But, how can you if you are not getting enough of what you want?

There is a way!  Get ready!

Become more selfish!  Figure out how you can give what you want to yourself, because the things you want from others are actually things you want from yourself.  Give yourself more love, more compassion, more understanding, more sensuality, more connection, more intuitiveness.  Get massages, take hot baths, take nature walks, eat what makes your body happy, dance, play, meditate…

If you give yourself what you want, as a regular practice, then you will start to feel full enough to ask for what you want from a place of abundance, trust and power.

Be direct and ask with respect and love.  And give your partner a choice to decline, if they feel the need to.  Asking puts pressure on the giver, so remember to release the pressure when you’re done asking.  This will give your partner a chance to give it to you willingly and happily.

There’s so much more to asking, like being aware of your expectations of when and how it should be given, what it should look like, how often…

Please, bring your questions to the ECSTATIC RELATIONSHIP WORKSHOP on December 6th and ask them in the comments section below.

Couple's pic

I want to leave you with an important point:

The best way to start asking is by appreciating.  So, think of something that you already appreciate about your partner and start by thanking them first.  They will be much more inclined to give you what you want if they feel that they will be appreciated for it.

Appreciation is magical.  It adds value to the person and whatever they are providing for you.  Value is energy, so when you start with appreciation, you are starting with an energy exchange that will inspire the giver.

Let your asking be an inspiration!

In deep appreciation and love,


GET THE LOVE YOU DESIRE, Ecstatic Relationship Workshop is coming to The Awareness Center on December 6th, 2015.

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“She does WHAT?”

This is what I would have exclaimed 15 years ago if I heard that a woman is committed to pleasuring herself for 10 minutes a day: “She does WHAT?”  Most women don’t have 10 minutes a day to devote to pleasure. There is too much to do, too much to stress about.


When I say pleasure, I’m not talking about sex.  Sex doesn’t always mean pleasure for women. 

What I mean by pleasuring yourself is doing something that makes your body feel good and awakens your senses, your sensuality, gets your juices flowing.  Body movement, dancing, shaking, intuitive stretching, breathing meditations, pelvic rocking, yoga, self massage… are all ways to fill yourself with pleasure.

Remember, pleasure is what fuels your ability to create, to regenerate, to be present in the center of your life.  Pleasure opens up your receptivity, awakens your feminine energy and your body’s intuitive ability.  This is why you have 8,000 nerves in your body devoted to pleasure!

Pleasure counteracts stress and heals tension.  It awakens our connection to life.

Pleasure awakens the Goddess!

As a woman, your sexuality and sensuality are a part of your medicine, your balancing of power.  It is how you pray.  What is your Goddess within earning for?  What would bring her daily pleasure?  Are you willing to commit to bathing her in pleasure 10 minutes a day?

No one is going to give it to you, woman! 

You gotta ask for it.  You gotta take it.

Daily pleasuring will heal your body and mind, transform your mood and your relationships.  It will  expand into more pleasure all over your life and before you know it your Goddess will take over most of your day!

Side effects include more passion, ease, fun and flow.  And YES, better sex is also a convenient side effect.

Are you ready?

I call upon you to stand with me for women defiantly loving themselves for no reason and having daily acts of pleasure.  Let this be our prayer.

It’s time to TURN ON!