My Vision and The Solar Eclipse


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In a meditation with my Shaman Teacher Raven on Tuesday night I received a vision.  The Primordial Dark Mother came in my vision and showed me how in the past, Humanity needed “Fear” to lead the way for us to survive.  Because there were things that could kill us, big things like animals and little things like germs and viruses threatened our survival, so being afraid helped and benefited us.

Around 2012, with the beginning of the Aquarian Age, humanity entered a new era and the “Fear” that helped us survive in the past became the cause of our destruction.  “Fear” started to create reasons for judgment, hatred and turbulence in society and our relationships.

In my vision, my nervous system lit up inside of me with long white web-like cells (neurons) that spread their light throughout my entire body.  The Dark Mother revealed that many of my neuron connections were based on fear and most of them were now obsolete, completely unnecessary for my survival.  In fact, the unneeded fear inside me was acting like a cancer.

I realized that the transformation we are experiencing is at an evolutionary level! 

Our “Fear” is dying.  As the dense vibration of fear dissolves from our cells, neuron connections are dying off, pathways are clearing and new connections are being born.   The new pathways are based on Compassionate Wisdom.

Wow, now that’s a nervous system I look forward to!

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This Solar Eclipse comes at an auspicious time in our evolution. 

As planets and stars align in Sacred Geometry the Full Moon on August 7th is bringing up to the surface our fears and negativities.  Then, as the Full Moon wanes, it is a time of dying, releasing and letting go.  Finally, it comes to an ultimate crescendo of the big DEATH with the Solar Eclipse on the New Moon of August 21st.

Death is a transformation and transformation is a Birth of something new. Between Death and Rebirth there is always transformation.

New Moon is all about Death and Re-Birth.  The Solar Eclipse will amplify the New Moon energy, so it will be like a New Moon on steroids.  Which means all of our intentions will be stronger, and we will be given a chance to dissolve and change some really old patterns.

The Mayans said that December 2012 began the 5th World Sun and our Solar System entered the darkest part of our Milky Way Galaxy, opening the portal into the 5th dimension.

My teacher Raven said that a Solar Eclipse will open another portal and it will heighten chaos, so that those who are on a spiritual path will be propelled further and those who are not, will be nudged.

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The Primordial Dark Mother showed me that as the moon covers the sun, she will swallow many “Fears” that plague humanity.  We will realize that guns and nukes do not actually protects us from attacks.

Will we have the courage to put our guns down?  Can we be a Country that gets rid of all nukes and chooses the Power of Peacemaking?  Can we trust that no one will attack us?

If we get attacked as we Stand in our Peaceful Power in this transparent world, it will only cause global ripples of compassionate wisdom and a bigger desire for Peace.  Maybe there will be sacrifices as Fear fights for its survival.

Most of us are afraid to lose our Fear, because we think we need it.

A friend of mine said that he doesn’t want his daughter to lose her fear as she moves out into the world by herself, because her fear will protect her from bad people.  But, it is not fear anymore that has the clear eyes of discernment to keep us safe.  It is our awareness, our compassionate wisdom that create the clarity needed to keep us safe in this new world.  This new age is not about teaching children to be careful anymore, it’s about teaching them to be wise, present, aware, intuitive, compassionate..

Can we release the fear of who we are and are not?  Can we trust ourselves?   Others?

Are we wise beings who can make the right choices?  Or do we need to be told what to do and be confined by rules and regulations?

It is time to stop mistrusting our own power, our abilities, our goodness and intuition.  We cannot fear ourselves anymore.  We are not sinners.

We are worthy and we are enough.

Compassionate Wisdom is beginning to lead the way.  It’s a much higher and lighter vibration.  Feel it growing inside you.  Trust that you are worthy of it.




Creating change


When we stop resisting change, we become more ourselves. 

Maybe because going through changes is part of this human experience and if resist our human experience then we are missing the point of why we are here.

When we truly own who we are, without having to explain or justify ourselves, then we are able to truly accept others.

Maybe because we stop trying to change ourselves and we stop beating up on ourselves for being the way we are.  As we accept ourselves fully with pleasure, embracing our rights and wrongs with love and compassion, we open up fully to accepting others, without needing them to be any different.  Next time you observe yourself justifying your existence, stop, and step into yourself.  Own the crazy bitchy whiny imperfect parts of yourself and see if you can have compassion for those parts and maybe even love them.

When we are able to truly accept others, no mater what they say or do, we become peace makers.

Maybe because when you accept people, you give them permission to be themselves. When people feel accepted, they have no reason to continue wearing their armor and let themselves become powerfully vulnerable.

When we become peace makers, people feel safe to open up to us and ask for our guidance.

Maybe because we all want to be at peace with ourselves and with the world around us. To be at peace is to be open to wisdom of the universe, to be a channel for Light.

When people ask for our guidance and we share it, we become responsible for how Spirit/God/Universe transforms the world.

Maybe because sharing our guidance creates influence, and influence makes others want to do things or not do things.  Just look at how much influence we have around us, from friends and family to TV and internet.

When we become responsible for how Spirit/God/Universe transforms the world, we become the ones who create change.

Maybe when we stop resisting change is when we truly discover our power to create change.

Fulfilling Partnership

couple-love-hug.jpgI love to write about overcoming challenges, because those stories create transformation. But, I couldn’t think of a problem in my relationship with Thomas that I had to overcome lately.  It’s been so easy and natural to stay connected and aligned, even with my mother-in-law visiting from Germany.

And the best part is that it hasn’t been boring for one second.

In fact, our passion, connection, playfulness and intimacy have been stronger than ever, and that says a lot about a 12 year relationship!  

Finally I realized: That IS the topic to write about!

My revelation is that all the work I have done on myself has been paying off, all the workshops, books, videos, trainings and retreats have been worth it.  And it has nothing to do with my outer world.  There are still challenges at work, the house still needs to be cleaned, life is busier than ever… but my inner world is at peace, energized, in love and having fun!

It sure feels like “Happily Ever After”, except in the present.  LOL  So, I’m going to change that outdated saying to: “Happily In The Present”!

Yes, it comes and goes, but it IS my primary experience.  It feels solid inside of my body and when I think about my relationship with Thomas, I am filled with pleasure and satisfaction.

I believe everyone can have a partnership that works well for them, inspires them, fills them with love, passion and bliss.

Evolve Together, the relationships workshop I’m leading this Sunday, is going to have all the juiciest wisdom and transformational exercises that I can put together into 3 hours.  I will share the tools that transformed MY old patterns of sabotaging relationships and set satisfaction, joy and pleasure as my foundation.

I believe that success is measured by how joyful we feel about our life.

Are you ready to feel ecstatic about yours?

In the workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of how the MASCULINE & FEMININE relate to each other.  There will be exercises that will help you get your needs met, create passion, connection and partnership.

I will lead you on a Shamanic Journey that will help you attract a conscious partner or have more passion and ease in your present relationship.

You do not have to be in a relationship and you do not have to bring your partner to take this workshop.

Please, register as soon as you can so that your transformation can begin.

Call the Awareness Center at 626-796-1567 to register.

Relationship Differences

Most of the time we feel hurt because we misinterpret the opposite sex.  We are operating on bad facts and don’t even know it.

The wrong kind of expectations can make our lives miserable.  We often don’t realize that we expect a man to act like a woman or a woman to act like a man.

We are dangerous when we come from a place of judgments and expectations.  We end up hurt, disrespected and resentful.

THE GOOD NEWS is that most of this is because of a misunderstanding! 

It’s not our fault!  We are just not aware of some very important differences.

For example, did you know that every human has Feminine and Masculine Chakras?  This ancient knowledge has been passed down for thousands of years through Vedic and Shamanic wisdom.

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If women don’t strengthen and express themselves through their Feminine Chakras and men don’t strengthen and express themselves through their Masculine Chakras then our relationships fall out of balance and we disconnect.  On a personal level, this can cause exhaustion, depression, anxiety, hysteria, anger, illness and even, addictions.

In the EVOLVE TOGETHER workshop, I will share this Vedic / Shamanic wisdom as well as provide many great tools to help you work out relationship differences.

And then, I will lead you on a Shamanic Journey to call in and connect with your Divine Soul Mate.  Contact with this deep reflection of your Soul will naturally help you overcome relationship conflicts, heal trauma and insecurities, and open you up to more effective communication and deeper intimacy with a partner.

Pre-register by calling the Awareness Center at 626-796-1567.

For more information go to MY WEBSITE.

Magnificent relationships are about doing your own work, so, whether you are single or in a partnership, if you come alone or with someone, this workshop will take you to the next level in your relationships.

Evolve Together flyer.jpgBONUS

In one of my past relationship workshops I shared that a big part of intimacy happens in how you’re listening.  “Listening to learn” will completely transform your listening experience, because it opens you up to see between the lines.  This kind of listening makes just about any topic pleasant and causes people to share more of themselves.

To learn more, read my blog: I see you (listening to heal)

Goddess Activation


Last month I was guided to Cozumel Island, where I visited the temple of the Mayan Goddess Ixchel.  I felt her calling me for months!  Guided by the gentle breeze, I walked the stone path to her temple and sat on her huge Altar.

I felt an intense energy go up into my womb, exploding in my body like ecstatic fireworks.  I received the most powerful Goddess activation of my life and a new level of awareness, wisdom and confidence has been growing in me ever since.

Ixchel is the Ancient Mayan Goddess of fertility and healing.  Ix means Feminine Energy, Chel means rainbow or light, so she is the Goddess of Feminine Rainbow Light.

She wears a serpent on her head, representing medicine woman with intuitive healing powers.   She is the Goddess of fertility and the mother of all.  She’s the weaver of life cycles, Goddess of the moon and bodies of water, carrying a vessel of nourishing water in her hands.

She holds a lot of spiritual knowledge and teaches women about the power of birth and death.


In the Powerful Women Workshop on Sunday, April 2, I will open a portal, call in Goddess Ixchel and activate her Sacred Rainbow Light inside all of the women, as she has taught me to do.  

If you are ready to awaken the power of your femininity, call the Awareness Center Yoga Studio at 626-796-1567 to register for the workshop.

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Women who save the world!

“The world will be saved by the western woman” said Dalai Lama.

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But, how are we going to save this world?

By fighting for our place of leadership?  By starting a war against men?  By withholding sex and attention from men until they give it?


The answer is:  by being in our Feminine Power!

Fighting, protesting, war or withholding are not going to bring us peace and happiness.

To be in our Feminine Power we need to understand what it is.

It’s the creative magic that is within us, the power to transform our environment with a single word, with a smile, with our kind wisdom.  It’s the power to bring out the best in others while standing confidently in our truth, our pleasure and our magnificent bodies.

It is the power to radiate our light, to invite into the mystery, to even be able to tap into the power of our shadows.

We can save this world if we know our worth, if we know how to give men purpose, to inspire, to ask, and most importantly to receive with a feminine grace.

When this world is finally received by us, all will be soothed and there will be no more reason left for war.

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If you’re in a female body, there is an important reason for that in this intense time that we live in.  Our society helps us master masculine energy, which is also important, but what’s the point of being a woman if we act like men?

In the Powerful Women Workshop I will lead you through a sacred exercise that will transform your dark fears into unique gifts of your soul – WHO YOU TRULY ARE!  You will be able to restore your relationship with your special God given gifts and fully embody your Feminine Powers!

To register call the Awareness Center Yoga at 626-796-1567.





Why it’s hard to appreciate

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For years I have been passionately teaching that appreciation is the key to happiness and happy relationships.  But, often my students  and clients respond with:

“It’s too hard.”  “It doesn’t feel authentic.”  “I have to force myself.”

I know that appreciation is a habit and it takes practice to develop, but why does it take so much effort sometimes?

I asked Spirit about this, and an answer came:

When we feel hurt, it’s hard to appreciate!

That means when your baby daddy hasn’t paid his child support, it’s impossible to find something to appreciate about him.  When your husband cleans up the mess he made in the kitchen after you had to ask him twice and waited all day, it’s hard to appreciate him for it.  If you are upset, if you have been criticized, if your needs are not being met and your partner doesn’t seem to care, then it’s hard for you to appreciate.

If you feel hurt often in your relationships, then appreciation is very hard for you.

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Most of the time we feel hurt because we misinterpret  the opposite sex.  We don’t understand the difference between masculine and feminine energies, expecting a man to act like a woman or a woman to act like a man.  The wrong kind of expectation can make our lives miserable.   I will go into detail about this topic in the Women’s Workshop coming up on April 2nd.

Sometimes we feel hurt because WE feel unappreciated.  And we ask ourselves: “Why should I appreciate him if he doesn’t appreciate me?”

My research shows that almost all of us feel underappreciated in almost all of our relationships.  We are all yearning for the “appreciation juice”, some of us feeling too unworthy to ask for it.

What if our happiness depends on our ability to appreciate well and often?

What if appreciation can save our relationships, what if it can save the world?

To appreciate authentically, we must first forgive.  We must do this for ourselves, not anyone else, because our life depends on it.  Whenever we hold a grudge against anyone  our energy gets blocked, so life force cannot flow freely.  This can create illness, so the need for forgiveness is real.

As I continue my spiritual journey I find that there is always more to forgive and understand and appreciate about myself and others.  The Women’s Workshop on April 2nd will include exercises for healing and forgiveness.

For now, practice appreciation in all of your relationships and remember,  wherever it feels difficult, there is a need for healing.

I love and appreciate you!



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