Return of the Goddess

I am in awe of the feeling I get every time I become aware of the Goddess returning into my body.  She comes in waves of bliss and pain, and bursts of light and groans of pleasure.  I feel her awaken when I put my hands on my lower belly and my heart and take deep breaths, allowing the pleasure of her return to caress me from the inside out.

Goddess of Universe

She’s been coming into me through my breath, though my voice, through the relaxed and open spaces in my body.  I’ve seen and heard her calling me through the trees, through the talking of the crow above my head when I meditate, through the buzzing of the bees, through dreams, and even through books so unexpectedly!

She comes on the breeze that caresses my skin, in the faces that I meet, words that my girlfriends speak, hugs that last a little bit longer than “normal”.  She speaks to me through movies, through posts on Facebook, emails and blogs.

She seems to be excited that I am aware of her.  As excited as I am of her awareness of me.  I feel so deeply supported by her, so blessed.

It is time!  The goddess is returning into us, but it is up to us to listen, to be open to receive her, to allow her to penetrate our blocks of pain and uncomfort.  She teaches us how to live in our bodies and the potential that we have yet to uncover.

Are you ready to discover her inside you?  Are you ready to feel her blissful power ripping through the old stuff, birthing pleasure and love.

When I let her have her way with my fears, worries and tension, she transforms them into orgasmic bursts of joyful light, until I am left laughing uncontrollably.

I never knew how good it can feel to be fully open, sensitive, emotional, sensual, wild, explosive, crazy; to embrace every part of me.  Finally, I am in love with myself, I am in love with being a woman.

Woman edited

RETURN OF THE GODDESS, an ecstatic workshop for women! Sunday, August 30, 2015, 1:00 – 4:00 pm at The Awareness Center.

Check out my website for more info!

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