From Prostitute to Saint

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Pope Francis declared July 22 as Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day about two years ago.  This is wonderful evidence of a huge shift in humanity’s consciousness.  Mary Magdalene was declared as a saint sometime in the 60s and now she has been put on the VIP list with the rest of the Big Saints.  The only representative of the feminine on that list up to then was the Holy Virgin Mary, so to have Mary Magdalene get elevated from a sinful Prostitute to Divine Saint status in my lifetime is quite a transformation in how we see the feminine.

This is a huge sign from the Great Goddess that our consciousness is shifting and I see an opportunity to connect to her deeper.

July 22 opens up a powerful portal that directly accesses the Divine Feminine.

Anytime we have a day where a global event affects our consciousness, a portal opens up.  Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day on July 22 has the capacity to open a portal for healing and raise the consciousness of our planet.

I’m very excited that my Embodying The Goddess workshop is perfectly aligned with Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, because the portal will stay open for a few weeks and we will use it to Journey deep into Divine Feminine to meet the Goddess.

The Goddess has been seeping through the cracks of religion and government, and the changes in our outer world are a manifestation of our inner world.

Can you feel her weaving her way through your cracks, coming up to the surface, purifying your soul? 

She’s not here to compete with men or to overthrow or declare war or conquer anyone.  She is bringing freedom and unconditional love that is filled with passion and wisdom.

She is here to show us a new way to live.  A way that is unimaginable to our logical, linear, masculine way of thinking.  She’s birthing the New Age into reality through all of us, men and women, through Mother Earth and all her children.  As I tune into her, the message I keep receive is “Embody The Goddess”.

The Great Goddess lives in us all and she is in charge of life and death. She is pure darkness and pure light, all at the same time, beyond duality, mysterious and magical.

We cannot understand her with our linear or logical mind. She is the juice that gives life to all and the compassionate wisdom that brings death to all, continuing the great cycle.

I have learned from Shamans that Women Are The Center and it is very important for us to understand and embody this wisdom! (Read more about it HERE).

Can you feel yourself yearning for her light and unconditional love and bliss?

It is time to Embody The Goddess!

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