It takes only one

I’m so excited about my recent communication discovery that I’m compelled to share it with everyone. I always thought that to have a great relationship it takes two. What if I tell you that I recently realized that it only takes one? That one can make ALL the difference.

I was talking with a friend about recent successes in my relationships with my father, my sister and my 15 year old daughter when I said to her that it takes two to have a good relationship. In that moment I realized that it has not been taking two at all. I became aware of my power to hurt or heal the communication in any and all of my relationships.

When I am in my full spiritual power, my relationships follow my lead!

How do YOU do this?

Well, it takes willingness, a lot of self-awareness and practicing being in your highest self.

To be able to do this, you need to lose the need to keep face, let go of your defensiveness, release your need to be right and make someone wrong, your need to let others know what they are doing wrong, your need to control the timing of things, to be perfect, for others to be perfect or for any situation to be perfect.

Let go of all the cookie cutter ideas.

It helps to continuously forgive yourself and others, accept and trust the unfolding of your life, accept responsibility for as much of your life as humanly possible. Learn to be vulnerable yet powerful at the same time, to be humble and powerful at the same time.

Ground yourself in the knowing that it is all up to you and only you. If this thought makes you feel lonely, then that is completely up to you as well. If it makes you happy, then you’re on the right track. You’re aware that it’s up to you to connect and stay connected.

It helps to let go of the perspective that anyone is doing anything wrong. Trust that we all have a good reason for everything that we do and see people’s inherent innocence.

It is your responsibility to find your power and become aware of your communication. Don’t wait for someone else to do this for you.

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