Awakening the goddess within

cropped-img_69181.jpgAccording to scientific research women have about 16 times less testosterone than men.  That’s only about 6% of the testosterone that men have.  With such a huge difference in our design, it is vital for women to learn to operate using feminine energy.

The way I see it, in our society women are encouraged to take on masculine values, such as producing and providing, and can literally suck themselves dry of their life force and end up exhausted and unsatisfied.  Maybe we are meant for something other than producing and providing.

What if there is an infinite amount of feminine energy for us women to use, but we just don’t know how to access it?  What if we go around our day unaware that inside there is a goddess waiting to be unleashed?

The feminine is designed to beautify, to enhance, to connect the world and the people around her.  We are the waters and the flowers of the earth, born to flow and shine.  As the goddess returns into us we begin to awaken to the juicy stream of feminine energy hidden within our DNA.

Here is a 2 minute meditation video that I created to help women tap into their goddess within:

And here is a quote by Yogi Bhajan about women and men:  “A woman has 11 rays in her projected arc line; a man has 9.  She can penetrate the man’s aura and trigger his pituitary.  She is 16 times more intelligent, has 16 times more stamina, is 64 times more intuitive, 16 times more compassionate, and 16 times more patient than he”.  I have been determined to access the power that Yogi Bhajan is talking about.

RETURN OF THE GODDESS workshop is coming up this Saturday, April 25th from 2 to 4:30 pm.  Register on line or call the Awareness Center at 626.796.1567

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