To feel or not to feel

Are we supposed to outgrow and evolve emotions like anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, anxiety?

As kids, our parents and teachers told us that acting angry, hateful or anxious is bad. In those moments we thought we were being “bad”. Our choices then were either to rebel or to feel victimized and blame someone. We didn’t know that by rejected our feelings we were rejecting ourselves.


Holding our emotions back doesn’t really work, because what we resist – persists. Emotion is energy in motion, if we don’t let it flow, it can block our system, stagnate and fester into dis-ease.

I have done years of yoga and meditation to clear out old stagnated feelings.

I finally realized that my feelings are my guides, my teachers, my sensory wisdom. The pleasant feelings tell me that something fits well with me. The unpleasant feelings tell me that something is not jiving with my system and it needs to be observed and transformed. Simple, but not easy when I’m in the middle of feeling rage, for example.

Here is a little trick that works for me:

Next time, instead of saying: “I’m angry”, try saying: “I’m FEELING angry”. This makes you the observer of your experience rather than the anger itself. Then add: “I welcome this feeling” and allow yourself to observe and experience your emotion until its message becomes clear.  This can be scarry at first.

Often my negative emotions tell me that I need a change in perspective, that I am processing the experience with my ego rather than my spirit. Looking at the situation through a meditative, nonjudgmental mind I am able to find clarity every time.

What if you were to honor ALL your feelings as your friends?

How would you feel about your life experience then?

emotions are friends
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