Two stories that transform my life daily


I have become aware of the two major stories that transform my life on a daily basis.  Sharing these two stories makes me feel vulnerable and exposed, but I am compelled to share them because I believe they can create transformation.

The first story is about my relationship with my dad. In this story I totally compromise and sell myself out. The story goes like this: “He’s got no one else to turn to. I’m the only one in this world that he trusts. He needs me, because I’m the only one that can help him.” This is the story that he often tells me still. Most of my life I had shown up in my relationship with my dad being lost in that story, which is just his propaganda by the way.

When this is my story I show up with guilt, I compromise myself, I can’t hold healthy boundaries. This story creates a burden, an unnecessary responsibility in my life, so I am committed to letting this story die and I continue to tell myself the story that is true to me. This is my truth: “Dad is doing fine. I trust that dad’s guides and angels take good care of him. I trust that he is protected. I know that dad can figure his way out on his own. It’s much more empowering for him if I trust that he is able to find his own way in the world, rather than always baby-sitting him. He creates his own reality and my responsibility is to teach by example.”

With this story, I show up in my relationship with my dad being powerful, I show up without compromising myself, I hold healthy boundaries, I feel happy and free in the relationship, I thrive. If he starts complaining, I am able to compassionately and easily divert or cut it off. I feel strong and vital with this story and that means it is true to who I am.

The second story is about my relationship with my family at home. I have caught myself showing up with the story of: “They’re always making a mess, leaving their stuff and crumbs all over the house and I’m constantly cleaning up after them.” If this story is who I am when I wake up or come home from work, then I am stressed, angry and upset. I find myself not even wanting to come home from work. I drive home wanting to just go upstairs to my bedroom, close the door and get in bed. I feel terrible.

In fact, if I do catch myself “being” this story around the house, my routine is to do go upstairs and get in bed, meditate, do yoga, nap or take deep breaths until I become the story that I want to be. And that story goes like this: “My family is wonderful; we have such a great connection. I am so in love with them. They are magnificent, creative, interesting beings and I’m blessed to have them in my life. I have so much fun preparing dinner for them and enjoy nurturing and taking care of them and I can do it really easily and effortlessly. And they help out around the house so much! They help with dishes, trash; they even put away their stuff. I get so much help from my family! We support each other. It is an energizing, reciprocating, full of love and light, creative, fun, exciting and nurturing relationship.” I feel fantastic in this story. It heals and strengthens me and turns me into the powerful blissful woman that I truly am!



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