My expansive New Year’s Resolution

My friend Jennifer Katell told me about a new year’s resolution idea that set her on a life transforming journey for 2014.  Instead of taking on new things to do or quitting things, she said, what if the new year’s resolution was a theme!  She said that her theme for 2014 was “Listen”.  Listening to herself, her environment, her friends and family seemed to have led her through a magical journey the entire year.

I love this brilliant idea, because it feels so freeing and expanding.  I chose a theme a couple of months ago and have had such fantastic results that I decided to make  it my theme for 2015!

My theme is: “Graceful Serenity”.


Grace and serenity are the two qualities that I want to expand in my being.  To me, this is how the Goddess expresses herself within me.  A true Goddess is graceful and is able to deal with anything from a deeply centered place of serenity.

This is who I want to be in challenging situations.  This is who I want to be for my partner, my child, my dogs, my family and myself.

But, how do I become Graceful Serenity?   It’s easy when I just let the Universe show me!  I let the Spirit guide me!  It’s been so much fun, because I feel like I’m constantly in contact with my higher self, my goddess within, because I’m always asking her: “What would Graceful Serenity do in this situation?”  And the answer is always instant and clear!

I’m  finding myself pushing less and allowing more.  I walk away from stress and take a bath and let things go, because that’s what Graceful Serenity does.  I let inspiration and intuition guide me and trust my body, my heart, my womb, my knowing.

The greatest thing about having my new year’s resolution be a theme is that I can let it unfold throughout the year.  I can let it show me and teach me all the different things I can do and not do, be and not be to embody Graceful Serenity.  I don’t have to commit to anything but a state of being.

I’m finding myself taking deeper breaths, saying less, being more, forgiving myself and others more.  Because that’s what Graceful Serenity does!  Magical synchronicities are showing up to teach, to help me embody this magnificent state.  Life is flowing with more ease and pleasure and I like it!

If you were to pick a theme for your new year’s resolution, what would it be?  What would expand you and take you to the next level in becoming who you truly are, who you want to be?

I would love read your shares or answer your question in the comments below!

As I continue to embody the Goddess, I feel her fill me up, guide me and experience life through me.  My workshop: “Return of the Goddess”, coming up on January 18th, is for every woman who is ready to awaken to the Goddess that is returning to this world.

Are you ready to return to your true Goddess nature?


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