Holiday Bliss


Though for many people the holiday season is all about stress, worry and depression, for some it’s full of loads of spontaneous moments of awe, appreciation and ecstasy.

Why is there such difference?

The holidays are full of extreme emotions on a mass consciousness level and we have access to the crazy stress filled rat race AND to the heart expanding healing bliss.  It is because we live in a world of duality, where there’s black and white, left and right, soft and hard.  It is up to us to choose, but often we are not even aware of what we have chosen.

Here’s how to gage where you are at and how to move yourself to where you want to be.

Take a look at the story and the feeling of the story that you have created over the years about the holiday season.  How do you really feel about it?

Become aware of the fact that you have crated your belief system about this time of year due to your life experiences in the past.  But, there is no need to bring the past into the future.  The future is up to you!  Yes, it is!  And you can create it into anything that you desire.  So, if there is a feeling of stress in you, transform it into a feeling of excitement and awe.  Slow down, get present.  Feel yourself in your body, take a deep breath and decide what kind of holiday experience you’re committed to creating.

You can’t change many of the circumstances around  you, but you can change how you react to them, how you show up for them and who you decide to be. Who do you want to  be during this season? Do you want to be a bringer of peace, serenity, love, kindness, patience, trust, fun, excitement, bliss?

Feel grateful for all the things that work out for you and trust that things are always working out for you. Yes, YOU! Say this to yourself until you feel it, until you see it: “Things are always working out for me!”  Keep looking for the Universal Truth of this statement.

This holiday season become the observer. Instead of being part of the rat race, observe it. Watch the people, the details of their experience. Become aware of  their emotions and your reactions to them, be fascinated. What do you see?

The Universe works in mysterious ways to create a perfect set up for you.  And in this season when the fertile darkness holds an infinite amount of magic,  don’t miss out on the gifts of awe and bliss.

The key is to not be judgmental, but to accept, to allow and to be interested. Innocently interested in it all!  It’s fun to expand our perspectives and realize new things about everyday life. Have fun!  I promise you, you  will learn a lot.

In deep appreciation, I bless you with love, serenity and grace!


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