Creativity & Prosperity (with Meditation)

Manifest Prosperity and Creativity in The New Year!

“You didn’t come to face reality, you came to create reality.” – Abraham Hicks.

Many of us become enchanted with our struggle and suffering.  We become attached to our difficulties; addicted to thinking about all the problems we need to solve.  We call it “Reality” in our society and it constantly captivates our attention.

If we choose to feel happy with all those problems going on, then we are told that we’re not realistic, that we’re not facing reality. Unknowingly, we trap each other in “Reality”.

You didn’t come into this world to just face a reality that has been created by others or even by yourself.  You came to expand creation, not to regurgitate what is already here. You are here to be a creator of new things and you are given the free will to choose what you create.

You’re not here to satisfy anyone but yourself.  So, forget about having to please the insatiable peanut gallery.  Don’t let them hold you hostage. Your uniqueness is for your own personal satisfaction!

“Our very nature is creative, and human kind has evolved because of this.” – Tenzin Rinphoche

Creativity is Creation bringing itself into existence through it’s already manifested Self – You.  Creativity is Creation in action.  You ARE Creation in the act of Creativity.  

Every breath, word, thought, feeling, and even observation is YOU being a creator in the act of creativity.  When you create with awareness, then you have the unlimited resources of the entire Universe at your disposal.  The Universe is infinitely abundant and yearns to shower you with all the prosperity that you have been asking for!

Becoming a conscious creator requires mastering your attention and focus, because that is where your power hides. 

Meditation, yoga and regular spiritual practice can help you take your power back and become a clear and conscious creator. Then, you are truly free to be yourself.

Are you creating the life you are yearning for?…

I will be doing a powerful mediation for 40 days to kick start my New Year with a BANG!  A daily practice in Kunalini Yoga is called Sadhana.  I will also be leading this meditation in my Thursday night yoga classes starting this Thursday until February 21, for 9 weeks, for those who want to join me in the flow of prosperity and creativity!

This mantra is from the Kundalini Yoga tradition and was passed down from Yogi Bhajan.  It opens the primal force of creativity and invokes the flow of Universal Creative Life Force and Prosperity.  Here is what the meditation looks like:

“Invoke the Wealth of the Universe” was a lecture by Yogi Bhajan at Summer Solstice 1996 where he said:  “Suppose nothing works in your life—you don’t remember things, you want to get out of trouble, but you can’t reach anybody…  Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru. The mantra is a sound current through the tongue and upper palate. Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru (Wahe is pronounced “wa-hay”). Continue chanting in a low monotone. Like Tibetans. Keep going. Deeper—from the base. Cut down your karmas forever. Deeper sound from the navel. Try it with honesty. Don’t slack off…”

Yogi Bhajan was a tough, wise, compassionate and definitely straightforward teacher.  May his legacy always be honored and appreciated!

Here is a Link to a great YouTube version of this mantra: 

Creativity is how Creation expands.

Many of us want to create healing, love and happiness, but we are not conscious enough about the type of energy we are outputting or creating.  This is what spiritual teachers call “being asleep”. If we are creating our reality while “being asleep”, then we keep creating more of the same old stuff, like old habits.  To create a new reality we must “wake up”!  Doing this meditation for 40 days  can help us “wake up”.

Are you ready to WAKE UP and become who you came here to be?

May your 2019 be blessed with lots of Creativity, Prosperity and Peace!  Happy New Year!

Beatris leads Kundalini Yoga and Meditation every Thursday at 7:30 pm at the Awareness Center in Pasadena. 

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