Why women suffer from more depression and anxiety then men.

I was floored to find out that women are twice more likely to experience major depression than men and three times more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders.  Ouch!

women depression

Why do women suffer from more depressions and stress than men?

Most of the reasons that I found on the web made it seem like there is something wrong with us, women, and we need to be fixed. The studies I read concluded that our flaws were due to hormonal differences, too much ruminating and too much involvement in relationships.

As a young girl I remember feeling unsafe to express my feminine nature.

Naturally, waves of depression and anxiety had made their way into my life experience.  Seeking answers in my meditation, I called on the Goddess wisdom to show me the way.  I am inspired to share what has come through.

5 reasons & remedies for our anxiety and depression:

1. Women need a sisterhood, other positive wise women with whom we can create a supportive web. In our “Goddess Circle” we can hold space for each other, be real and raw and help each other heal.

2. Women are not designed to respond to pressure the way men are. Men are designed to withstands tremendous amounts of pressure, danger and stress, but woman are not.  There is evidence that shows that women’s bodies respond to stress differently than men’s.  Our bodies pour out higher levels of stress hormones, and they fail to shut off production of the stress hormones readily.  In the modern age, women experience massive amounts of pressure to provide financially, raise a family, be there for the children and their man, and do all this while looking beautiful.

3. Women are designed to be highly intuitive and have a direct connection to spirit. This is why we are more sensitive and hormonaly complicated than men.  Our hormones and sensitivities are tools that we need to use.  Women are meant to lead from the Center and teach and follow the rhythms of nature, the earth, the moon and the Universal Spirit.

4. Women are designed to experience expansive pleasure and be multiorgasmic. If we don’t use our bodies’ design as intended, we end up with hormonal imbalances, migraines, cramps, depression and anxiety.  Women in our society are brought up to starve themselves and their men of pleasure.  There are subliminal messages all around us telling us that our desire for pleasure is not good.  Did you know that men are more open to pleasure than most women?

5. Women need to move their bodies daily. Whether in dance, yoga or ceremony, we need free-flowing movement of the entire body to have a positive female experience daily.  We are meant to flow freely in body, mind, emotions and spirit.


Women are designed to beautify, nurture, putter around and weave magic.  We are here to be the muse and to inspire, teach, heal and love ourselves and others.

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    • Thank you Diana! I’m seeing more and more of us, women, learning to trust our intuition. It takes courage 🙂 I’ve been in awe watching you expanding into that.


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