If you are a woman, you have felt massive juicy feminine energy whirling up inside you, wanting to brake free.  It may have shown up as body aches, backaches, headaches, frustration; it’s awakened a desire for more ease, more flow, more pleasure, more full body orgasms…

Is your Goddess ready break out of her shell?

This is happening to all of us women, globally, and those of us who are answering the call of the Goddess are finding new levels of bliss, vitality and pleasure.

Are you ready to set her free?

Because, that’s what we do in the Return of The Goddess workshop coming up in less than two weeks, on Sunday, August 30.  We break down walls and open spaces for the Goddess life force to flow freely through us.

This workshop is for women only and it’s full of transformative exercises.

We will do shamanic, yoga, written, meditation and even tantric exercises to unlock our juicy Goddess energy and let her flood our bodies with healing hormones.  This is going to make us feel fantastic and turn our lights on.  We will create powerful self-healing and illumination as we eliminate old beliefs and patterns.

Are you feeling the call to sign up?

There is less than 2 weeks left and if you are feeling the call, then I encourage you to sign up as soon as you can.  Because, the moment you sign up the work begins, the transformation begins, your Goddess begins to work on you.

Sign up now and let the healing begin.

And then, by the time you show up to the workshop, you’ll be ready to expand in a totally new way.  You can go a lot deeper and expand a lot further into your authentic truth, into your Goddessnes.

Give a gift to yourself!  You’re worth it!

By giving yourself this gift you will be helping the women of your world to move to the next level in a powerful expansion.  Yogi Bhajan said that when we are liberated, we also liberate 7 generation back and 7 generations forward.  The time is on us and it’s up to us, women, to lead the way.

Liberate yourself.  Join me at the RETURN OF THE GODDESS on August 30.

I’m looking forward to a magical experience with you.

For more info, go to my website

Ecstatic goddess

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