What is True Honor?

For too long humans have been living with an attitude of personal gain at the expense of others and of our beautiful planet. This has created power wars and destruction, on an energetic and physical level. With this attitude we have been dishonoring ourselves, those around us and this magnificent planet that we live on.

As we awaken and become more aware, we are realizing that this way of living must be changed. We are beginning to see how much it doesn’t work and how harmful this behavior and mentality truly is, because it is all about power over others and hierarchal living. This is what “living asleep” means. It is when our programming is in the driver seat. When our blind believes, our attitudes and personal perspectives are on auto-pilot, reacting to the outside stimuli and circumstances.

“Waking up” means becoming aware of this behavior and continuing to free ourselves from reactive living.

We are constantly projecting and radiating our thoughts and our emotional frequencies into the world and at the people around us. We are not even aware when we are shooting out dark energy arrows of frustration, blame, vengefulness, worry, anger, guilt, insecurity, powerlessness, jealousy, envy, criticism… Some of the dark arrows that we shoot out are on purpose and filled with intensity, but we do this without awareness, without knowing. The truth is that we are innocent.

This is “living asleep”. We complain about other people’s dark energies being thrown at us, but we are not aware of our own.

“Living awake” starts with you. You are the one who must stop behaving this way. You get to choose what energy you radiate instead.

All these negative emotions are also very detrimental to our bodies, they destroy us from inside. There is research showing that negative thoughts and emotions can injure water molecules and positive ones can bring them into balance and beauty. Remember, most of the human body is made of water, where the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs of 83% water. Maybe that’s one reason our hearts and lungs clench up when we feel negative emotions. We become physically distorted on a cellular level.

“Waking up” means stopping this way of being and it all starts with you. This is what it means to honor and respect yourself and the world around you, to honor the people that you care about and even don’t care about.

We must let go of the distorted beliefs about honor and respect that have caused havoc on our Mother Earth? No matter where those blind beliefs came from.

True honor always turns surrender into victory. It raises our vibrational frequency and the frequency of the person we are honoring, no matter what their current frequency may be. True honor raises our worth and our value. It reveals a person’s true nature. True honor and and true respect are filled with an attitude of gratitude.

One of the biggest ways that we dishonor and disrespect ourselves and others is through judgement. There’s a huge difference between judgment and discernment. Judgment is filled with charged emotions that resemble hatred, rejection or pushing away. Discernment, however, is not charged with negative emotions. It is not filled with hatred. In discernment there are no dark arrows being fired at anyone or anything.

What if we always approach life with respect, honor and great gratitude? What if we accept and honor all beings, sentient and insentient? What would the world look like then?

This is the world that I want to live in, so I begin with myself! I remember to balance my respect and honoring of others with a healthy dose of self-respect and self-honoring by not allowing myself to become a victim of someone else’s emotions and beliefs. I radiate the honor and respect that I cultivate within my heart and let it touch others. May my love and compassion for all beings continue to expand and evolve. I am the creatrix of my reality, and I take full responsibility for my power. May my power be fully aligned with Divine Will! May I stay connected to wisdom and compassion and live from the truest place within my heart.


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