Taking back your power

We’re human and things happen that cause us to become reactive, stressed out, anxious, off-balance. This drains our energy and life force. So, how do we get ourselves back to feel good and balanced again?

Well, it’s all about mastering our own vibration, mastering our awareness in each moment and realigning with our own inner power. We must learn to master our inner environment.

But, how do we do that?

Using affirmations is so 10–20 years ago. And, we have realized that affirmations can cause a spiritual bypass.

Now, we are becoming aware that it’s about stepping into our power, about owning our own vibration, owning our emotions and who we are. It is about our ability to navigate our state of being human and mastering our connection to our inner wiser-self/ higher-self. The side effects of alignment with our inner power are unshakable confidence and deep unconditional self-love. This is the age when we discover our inner guru and get grounded in its unconditional love and wisdom.

When I say power I don’t mean the hard overpowering energy of the aggressor. I’m not talking about manipulating, playing victim, strategizing, pushing away or taking what you want. Our true power is in our ability to soothe our human suffering through connecting to our inner wisdom. It’s in staying connected and aware of our inner light that is indestructible and indistinguishable.  It’s expanding into unconditional self-love that radiates into the world around us.   I am talking about emotional, mental and physical mastery and maturity. 

I have been working on this for many years, through my shamanic work, yoga and more than ever through practicing the Radiant Heart meditation. I highly recommend getting the book Unbinding the Soul: Awakening Through Crisis and Compassion, by Dr. B. Raven Lee, who is the creator of Radiant Heart meditation.  This book is filled with powerful stories of awakening and transformation, and describes in detail the formula and science of the Radiant Heart meditation.

Meditation is about getting to know your own mind and using your awareness and breath to release tension, sadness, anger, stress, whatever comes up. The Radiant Heart mediation is a way of life, a practice that you can bring into every part of your life.  A practical way to move through and beyond daily suffering, gently, effortlessly and naturally.  It’s a compassionate, loving and nurturing meditation, not forceful or restrictive.  It consistently helps me to take my power back!


This 6 class interactive ZOOM course is for all levels and it is not about sitting still or stopping thoughts, but about awakening to your inner radiance. It will help you to connect with your authentic self and the transformative healing gifts that are naturally within you.

In this class you will learn how to become aware of the patterns that keep you bound up and enslaved, how to transform these patterns and anchor into peace and joy.  It is a participatory class where you will have an opportunity to receive personal guidance, and connect and share with a supportive group.  

Cost: $120 for the entire course (6 classes and a video teaching).  Zoom classes are on Wednesdays, September 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 from 5:30pm – 6:30pm, and on Sunday, October 11 from 11am – 12:30pm.  Audio recordings will be provided for all classes and in person participation is encouraged, but not required.  Space is limited. 

To register email BeatrisHeals@gmail.com by August 31.

It’s time for humanity to wake up and grow up. 


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