To Embody The Goddess

As women, we usually don’t spend a lot of time in our bodies, because most of us don’t like our bodies.  We don’t like the body hair, the imperfect skin, it’s either too fat or too skinny, too flabby, too smelly and there are parts of our bodies that we feel are just ugly…  I’be been noticing that they younger generation are even afraid of our bodies.

We are constantly trying to either fix or hide our “imperfections”.  In our heads, we complain about our bodies and disrespect them.

To embody the Goddess, you need to come to terms with your body and fall in love with it.

THE SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE: Your Soul created your body for herself! She planned it out carefully, intuitively choosing the DNA, knowing what it will do, how it will manifest into the physical and how it will evolve with age.  If you want to be healthy and live long, you need to make love to your body often. Worshiping, adoring, feeling connected to the Goddess and to the body that she has created for herself is part of the Divine Feminine practice. Your inner Goddess is your connection to your spirit, your Soul! Are you starting to see this?

Our bodies create our reality, they literally create this life.  The nervous systems firing up energy through the neurons translates everything, the hormones create how your experience your inner and outer environment, the emotions and thoughts create meaning and stories about your reality. All this lives inside your body. 

You process and see the world with your body.

That’s why it’s so important to get the Goddess into your body.  So, it’s not just your EGO in there, pushing all the buttons, steering the wheel wherever it wants. You are here to be IN your body, not to float somewhere out there.  The ego has been steering the world while we are floating in our dramatic stories and unfortunately, the ego is a terrible driver.

Getting into your body means getting into your HEART and WOMB space, not just into your head. If you’re only in your head, you’re floating, you’re not grounded.  Feeling grounded can clear self-consciousness and fear, because when you are fully in your body, your body sends a signal to your brain saying: “I’m safe”.  When you feel unsafe, your body shuts down the wisdom part of your brain and imprisons you in your lizard brain, which is amazing at sensing danger and surviving.

Your body is your portal to thriving! 

If you want to live in harmony and acceptance you must embody harmony and acceptance, by breathing it in, by practicing feeling it in your body and heart. Train the body to feel safe in a room with others, in the world, with friends, with your partner, even if they are being negative or angry.  This turns on your compassionate wisdom, which can keep you safer that your over-reactive ego.

When you’re in your body, you automatically feel safe. This lowers stress levels and relaxes you.  Your natural serenity & power becomes embodied. Those are the qualities of the Goddess.

Your heart is your emotional portal.  Pour your thoughts of harmony, love and acceptance into your heart portal and from there expand them into your body.  Let harmony, love and acceptance fill you up, become these qualities.  Hold them steadily in your body.  Even if other thoughts interfere, be like a patient mother holding a serene space as the little thought children play in the background.

When you are in your body you are open, spacious and there is no need to defend or protect yourself.  You are OK no matter what happens.

When you’re in your body, you are present, in the moment. From that kind of awareness you can connect to everything: other people, animals, nature, waters, mountains, planets, galaxies and the magnificent space that is holding it all.  When you’re embodied, you can perceive true connectedness, aware that your cells and molecules are connected and talking to each other. 

Embodying the Goddess awakens us and expands our awareness. The living field of awareness stretches out into the whole universe.  It is all aware and alive. 

Become aware of the aliveness that is within all, physical and nonphysical.  Become aware of the ALIVENESS OF THE GREAT GODDESS UNIVERSE.  When you connect to your Truth, you notice that everything is alive, vast & intelligent.  It all perceives, communicates, loves and is excited to be alive. 

Aliveness fills the space where there are things and no-things.  It’s the field of inspiration and intention. That’s the realm of the Goddess! That’s where ideas are birthed into reality.

To embody the Goddess, wake up to your aliveness! 


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