VIDEO + Gold Nuggets

Here are some gold nuggets from Saturday’s ZOOM webinar:

1. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF FEMININE POWER IS TRUE OR FAKE? Fake Feminine Power is effortful & draining.  It comes from fear, insecurity, worry and is full of judging, scheming, manipulating, strategizing, grasping, raging and victimizing energy.

True Feminine Power is effortless & fulfilling.  It has no attachments, there is nothing to fix, no need to manipulate, please, avoid, fear or be angry.  It’s pure non-judgement, love, acceptance and wisdom.  When we embody True Feminine Power we stop second guessing ourselves, we feel loyal to our intuition and follow it without question, we have more intimacy, sensuality, vitality and trust.

Learn to FEEL the difference.

When you are in your True Feminine Power you know yourself, own everything about yourself and naturally share your gifts. 

2. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM? No matter how much stuff you watch or read, it’s all just knowledge until it’s embodied. To embody something you must integrate and experience it through your body.  This is why my upcoming class is called EMBODY THE GODDESS.

To EMBODY THE GODDESS you must align with loving, caring, wise and compassionate energy. 

Most importantly, you must have compassion and non-judgment for yourselves and others.

3. HOW IS THE DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY COMING INTO THIS WORLD AND CREATING TRANSFORMATION? The Divine Feminine comes through the nonlinear, mystical, magical pathways that often don’t make sense. She’s illogical and cannot be explained by the cookie-cutter patriarch rules. She is destroying our old systems from within. She’s expanding us, so we can’t fit in our comfy boxes any longer, so we have to rip through our walls whether we like it or not. She’s uncertain and mysterious, beyond duality, beyond life and death.

Sometimes she comes with agonizing re-birthing pains that cross the line into ecstasy. She flows through the Ether and when you least expect her, catches you off guard, throws you off balance, rearranges you from the inside out.

There is nothing you can do to stop her. Resistance is futile.  To survive her you must surrender and allow yourself to fully receive her transformation.

If you can let yourself just BE as she burns through your old patterns like a forest fire, then you may just stumble upon the wisdom within the light that burns. Let her melt all your frozen parts. Wake up! Stay awake, stay alert and be present.

Can you trust her? Can you trust in your Rebirth?

Trust helps to soften your resistance, soothes your pain.  Relax into your Trust. Say YES to your experience! Scream YES! Celebrate, rejoice, weep, go wild!

You have come into this life to be a bridge for the Divine Feminine Goddess energy. You signed up for this. Remember!

I can’t share the Zoom webinar video due to privacy, so here is a 3 minute video I made after the ZOOM class for you:

Here is the flyer for my upcoming workshop, you can click on it to sign up:


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