Wisdom from Nepal [video]

I arrived from Nepal on Saturday night and am still going through a transformation that feels intense and mysterious. I am blown away by how deeply layered we all are and grateful to remove another heavy layer.

My understanding of Death has been expanding and I have realized that death is about enlivening, enlightening, releasing the old so that new life can come in.

Death comes to help life!

Death is not about taking away.  That is only a point of view from the eyes of our attachments and egoic grasping. Death is about cutting off the dry old scabs, so that new fresh skin can grow in their place.

Death brings new life!

When we get lost in the heaviness and darkness then we miss out on life, we miss the party.  At times we all move through heaviness and darkness, but we must find a way to pop out through the other side where the light of a new life awaits us.  And, as we move through darkness, we have the opportunity to face and release our fears and attachments, so we do not take them into our rebirth.  That is the point of death – a renewal.

Our fears and attachments are the old scabs that we yearn to peal off, for they cover up our beauty and life force.

Death brings the gift of rebirth and if we honor it, it will show us what is ready to be destroyed and transmuted within us. The heavy stuff is meant to be dropped during our transformations.  Why would we want to drag it with us into our next adventure?

Our fear of illnesses, ailments, problems and things that have gone “wrong” stops our life force from flowing fully through us.  It stops us from living.

Are you ready to let your fears and attachments die?

Are you ready to let LIFE in?  Isn’t that why you are here?

Here is a video I made in Nepal to share the goodness that is channeling through me:

Some of the wisdom that I have received from Spirit, from my teacher Raven and from Mother Death herself, I am not allowed to share yet.  But there is so much I AM allowed to share and I am so excited to be able to do that in my upcoming workshop, Wisdom of Death & Rebirth, on Sunday Oct 28th from 3-6pm.

Releasing and facing your fears and attachments will bring more youth, vitality, happiness and a longer, more fulfilling life.  In the workshop you will have the opportunity to face your fears and let them die, so that something new and wonderful can be birthed.  If this workshop is calling you, please preregister asap, because as soon as you sign up, the work begins.




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