Death and Rebirth in Nepal

Death is a doorway into the next Big Adventure!

I am flying out to Nepal tonight!

Almost packed for my trip, which includes a pilgrimage to Kalinchowk, situated at 12,605 ft. above sea level.  Kalinchowk is at the peak of a Himalayan mountain with a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali, so my trip is dedicated to her.

Image result for goddess kali temple in kalinchok

Kali is the Great Mother Goddess of the Hindu tradition, and is considered to be the One who gives birth to All.  She is the Goddess of death and rebirth, transformation and transcendence, the Source of ALL. Known as a slayer of our mind-born delusions (which are symbolized by demons that separate us from our own true Self) she cuts off the head of our ego.

To our bound and limited ego identities She may strike terror, at times appearing as a vicious black, sword-wielding, blood-smeared dancer of death and destruction. To our Divine Self, She is our supremely beautiful beloved mother, one who fills us with wise grace and overwhelms us with compassionate love.

I asked my husband Thomas this morning: “Are you ready to let me go forever?”

With a worried look on his face he asked:  “Why does it have to be forever?”

“I don’t know who will be coming back from Nepal, but it will not be this ME.  It will be a new ME.” I replied.

I know that I am just a drop in the ocean of consciousness and each time I dissolve into the Divine Ocean, a part of me dies and a truer me is re-born.  I am excited to go on this BIG trip, but there is also a subtle mourning of my old self lurking in my subconscious.

We tend to fall in love with our MASKS that we create as we go through life, but attachment to our masks is what keeps us trapped in the illusion of Maya.

This reality is what we perceive it to be, but who is the one perceiving?  

Death is a doorway into rebirth, and rebirth comes with new perceptions and creates new realities!

Death has a kind, patient and forgiving energy.  It is only our fear that distorts it, that distorts our perception, therefore hiding the beauty, freedom and transformation that death offers to us.

My two week trip to Nepal is synchronisticly aligned with my upcoming Wisdom of Death and Rebirth workshop, which is on October 28th, a few weeks after I get back from my pilgrimage.  With her perfect timing and magical unfolding, the Great Mother Goddess once again expands my heart to overflowing with tears of joy.

As I make my way deeper into the womb of the Great Dark Mother, I find myself rearranged and recreated with a capacity to love deeper, fly higher, embrace more of life and be more aligned with my purpose and my Destiny.

Oh, Great Mother Kali, I pray to you with all of my being.  Please, hold me in your heart womb and keep me safe through my pilgrimage into your magical mystery.  Teach me your wisdom, show me what I need to see to be able to help more people and heal more of what calls to be healed.  I am your loving daughter, one who embodies your wisdom gratefully, who listens to your guidance thirstily.  Please receive the sacrifice of my fears and worries as I step on this pilgrimage.  Please receive my offering of courage and faith as my path unfolds into your wise and compassionate heart.  Thank you for your love and guidance.  I am forever humbled by your presence.

It is time to go now!  I am ready…

Om Kali Ma Namo Namah  (Oh Great Mother I Bow To You)



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  1. Dearest Beatris, What an amazing post! All my love and thoughts will be with you on your amazing pilgrimage.  Fly high on your magical journey. I can’t wait to see you when you get back. Sending so much love…..Jan 😘💜 Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


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