Wisdom of Death & Rebirth

I had my first conscious encounter with the Spirit of Mother Death a couple of months before my father died.

Throughout my father’s death, I had many deep spiritual connections and conversations with Mother Death, who taught me great wisdom and helped me facilitate an incredible death for my father. She taught me that death is just a rebirth into our pure Self.

As my dad was dying, he took me with him into unconditional love space, where we experienced blissful healing and karma clearing for us both. All was forgiven between us in that space, lifetimes of karma completely transformed.

After his death I was filled with ecstatic energy that lasted for days, which made it difficult to relate to people who were expecting me to be sad.  I was re-born with him, and the illusive veil of my physical reality was lifted. I saw pure truth.

Eventually, grief found its way in and brought me back into my humanity, but I am still able to access the portal that Mother Death has opened for me.  With the guidance of my Mystic Shaman Teacher Raven and the spirit of Mother Death I have come to understand the value of death and rebirth and can see it everywhere around me.

Our humanity is afraid of death and is programmed genetically to resist and fight it, to ensure the survival of our species.  But, our spirits have been through many deaths and births and naturally know that death and rebirth is just a transformation of energy.

After my father’s miraculous death experience on January 1st of 2017, many of you have been asking me to teach a class on death and dying. Here it is!

In Wisdom of Death & Rebirth class we will be working with breath, meditation and go on a Magical Shamanic Journey to consciously release what is dying inside of us and channel more life-force and vitality into our bodies.

Death and rebirth just might be the elixir to immortality and enlightenment that many have been searching for.

In Wisdom of Death & Rebirth we will learn to transform the old dis-eases, stories, patterns and beliefs that don’t serve us anymore so that we can be free to live a full life.

We have come to this beloved Earth to experience transformation and that involves death and rebirth. Mother Death taught me that all births and rebirths bring death to the old life and old ways of existence.

We will deepen our understanding of Shamanic Death, Egoic Death, Resurrection, Reincarnation, Immortality and gain clarity in how any death can become a “good medicine death”.

The sages say that it is important to prepare for our physical death, so that when it is time to take our final breath,  we can do it in peace, love and light.




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