Why some heal and others don’t.

Why is it that sometimes healing is easy and fast and other times it’s frustratingly long and even impossible?

This is a questions that I have pondered in my healing work and Spirit has provided a satisfying answer!

I’ll begin with a little story that is a great metaphor for this wisdom:

One of my clients was recently diagnosed with a debilitating illness that has made her feel humbled, frightened and out of control.  Through our work together she has been experiencing tremendous emotional healing as well as a deeper connection with her Higher Self, Angels, Ancestors and God.  Even her ability to see and hear the spirit world has strengthened.

But, her illness is holding on tight as if her life depended on it.  So, I’ve asked Spirit for guidance and here is what came:

Before the illness, she complained about her husband to me, asking for change, praying for a better relationship with him, yearning for a better connection with her daughter, her friends and the spirit world.

Ever since she got sick, she has been praising her husband for taking care of her, for showing up for her when she needed him desperately.  She talked to me about how he cleaned the house, drove her around, how he’s been so protective, caring and loving.  So, since the illness, her relationship with her husband and daughter is better, she has been more accepting of her friends, she prays daily, has a deeper connection to Spirit and her heart light is bigger and brighter than ever.

These are all gifts that were brought to her by her illness.

Usually, pain, suffering and illness tend to bring some the most valuable lessons.  And, they stick around until the lessons and gifts that they bring are fully received, embraced and integrated into daily life, until old patters are broken and new habits have been fully ingrained.

Some of our problems are quick to heal because we have already realized the lessons and implemented the wisdom into our lives.  Other problems need more time before they can be healed and understood and allowed to empower our souls.  Some lessons and transformations are hard to grasp and even harder to integrate into our daily lives.  So, we may try different healing modalities with minimal results.  If we can’t grasp the lesson, the problem may worsen.

It is not easy for us when Spirit is asking us to leave our friends or partner to make space for the new life that we have been calling in.  It is not easy to change our diets, quit sugar or smoking, leave behind our comfort foods to create the vitality that we have been asking for.  It takes effort to release old habits and create new ones.  We all want more love, more joy and kindness, but in return we must give up our habits of judgement, resentment, worry, blame, guilt, anger. It takes time and discipline to manifest our transformations into reality.

No matter how mind-blowingly powerful the healing experience is during a healing session, once a client walks away that is when the real work begins. 

I used to feel my ego wanting to purify my clients from ALL of their problems, but no matter what I did, they could only receive what they were ready for.  Great Spirit told me that if I healed someone before their given lesson was complete, then I would be robbing their soul from gifts and powers and creating bad karma for both of us.

We are all learning how to love unconditionally and that is the most important lesson of life.

It us up to each one of us to integrate our healing and transformation into our daily lives and utilize our lessons to their fullness.  It is Great Spirit who decides how much healing will benefit us and how long an illness shall last.  It is never a punishment, but always an offering from the Divine for our soul’s expansion and evolution.  The moment we are complete, the perfect healer, remedy, answer, vision… comes at the most perfect time to deliver the relief that we have been asking for.

Life is easier when we appreciate and take advantage of all the lessons that suffering and pain bring, and treat them as the gifts and treasures from the Divine that they truly are.

This is one of the lesson as I continue my integration of Embodying The Goddess.



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