Women’s Medicine, Women’s Magic

As Women, we are very sensitive to our environment.  But, instead of igniting our magic and medicine, we let our environment bombard and transforms us and this happens almost always, unconsciously.  We twist ourselves into pretzels as we try to fit into society’s mold, our parents’ mold, the human mold.

Our DNA is designed to make us conform to fit in, so that we can survive.  Our Spirit has a different agenda, but we are unable to tap into it if we are driven by this destructive pattern that hides within the DNA of every woman, sucking our life force.

In relationships, this can be even more dangerous, as we try to become more like our partner’s “type”.  To please and avoid displeasing, we end up sacrificing who we truly are.  I remember my mother saying: “Beauty requires sacrifices.”

Lost behind our illusive masks, we end up competing with each other, destroying the security of our sisterhood.  We even compete with men for money and power, becoming more masculine and depleting our juiciness and vitality in the long run.

All of this creates stress, anxiety, lack of self-worth, lack of self-confidence, exhaustion and disconnection from our Source.

Are you ready to stop this pattern?

It is time for us, women, to develop the self-worth and self-confidence of a Goddess, to awaken our unique talents, gifts and abilities.

Men fall in love with women who know and claim their value and self-worth.  But, no one can give this to us, we have to give it to ourselves.

Instead of striving to be like someone else, we can strive to have a more spacious heart and shine brighter.  Whether we know it or not, we are yearning to strengthen our connection to Source and own our Feminine Magic and Medicine.

In Embodying The Goddess we will regain our self-worth and deepen our knowledge of Women’s Medicine and Magic.  Women’s Magic is an immense power that can curse and bless, this is why most men have been so afraid of it, even though they desire it.  We will understand how we can use our Feminine Powers to heal ourselves, our partner and the world.

As the embodiment of Divine Feminine, we must take responsibility and use our Feminine Powers with conscious awareness, because it is up to us to lead the Divine Masculine into the new age.

Are you ready to claim your self-worth and own your Magic Powers?

It is time to Embody The Goddess.


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