Channeling Light

I have been tirelessly searching for the most healing and loving way to stay aligned with my Feminine Power. Through my prayers and practice, I have found that in the end, it all comes down to one, most important, way of being.

It’s about being able to shine the light of The Divine Spirit from my heart.

It is about being a vessel, a channel for the Divine Light that the Great Mother is constantly birthing from her dark void. The more of her light I can allow and contain in my heart, the more I am able to love, heal and create transformation all around me.

I have noticed that when I practice shining Divine Light and Wisdom from my heart and through my face onto others, I help them tap into their own loving connection with Source.  I find tremendous pleasure and purpose in inspiring others, turning them on, awakening them to the love that is already within them bursting through the cracks.

We can all live happy lives that are lit up by the light of Divine Love.

The more we practice radiating it out into the world, the stronger and brighter our light becomes, and the more people it can nurture, heal and protect. Our body is a Temple created for Divine Spirit to live within.  But, many of us spend our days being numb and blind to Great Spirit’s love.  We run around trying to fix problems and figure out things, having to do it all on our own.  We use up our energy,  our life force and usually end up with mediocre results.

One of my favorite teachings from the Goddess is that we can change the world around us just by radiating love into our environment.

We are vibrational beings and we radiate vibrations with our thoughts, emotions and actions affecting the world around us.  As we pour Divine Light on the suffering of others, their pain begins to burn away, for the Light Fire that dwells in our hearts is the strongest power there is. It is a huge privilege and honor.  When we consciously and deliberately become vessels for Divine Light, we find the perfect answers to any questions with compassionate advice and brilliant timing.  We learn to trust and allow Great Spirit to inspire our thoughts, words and actions. Live becomes less about “doing” and more about “being”.

This is how we become who we are meant to be! 

This is how we Embody The Goddess!


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