Great Spirit Light

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I have come to the end of my 3 year Mystic Shaman Training with Raven.  The final retreat is next week and graduation party in two weeks.  I’m deeply humbled and in awe of the miracles that Spirit has been performing all around me and through me.

It feels like I’ve lived 30 lifetimes, died a thousand deaths and re-birthed anew again and again.  I have become Spirit’s conduit more than I ever was, and have seen Spirit’s hands reach out of my heart and touch many people. Whenever I ask, help arrives immediately, as soon as I get in touch with Great Spirit.

I have discovered that the Light in our hearts wants to shine brightly and yearns to be shared.  It is quite contagious and easily spread.  The power of Great Spirit’s Light and Love can reach out through our hearts and expand to the farthest edges of infinity with its embrace.

The river of God Light runs through everything.  Its conscious wisdom understands the love that is in our hearts and hears the words of our passionate feelings.  The Great Light dreams of answering our prayers and desires.  When God’s Light River runs through my hands, my hands are not mine anymore, they become Spirit’s hands.  When God’s Light River runs through my mind, my mind lets go and lets God, submitting like a puppy to its Master, so focused and attentive, ready to do whatever is asked.

I have learned to let Spirit’s Love Light run through my eyes.  It has taught my eyes to see what is needed, to look beyond illusion and continue to deepen my vision of different realms, dimensions and realities.

Every human has the potential to align with Great Spirit of Love and Light!  Many of us have been called to become channels for Spirit’s healing work.  How many of us will answer this call?

It is my greatest privilege to see and experience this magnificent world through Spirit’s heart and eyes, to help Spirit’s Love Light heal it.  It is my calling!


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