My Vision and The Solar Eclipse


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In a meditation with my Shaman Teacher Raven on Tuesday night I received a vision.  The Primordial Dark Mother came in my vision and showed me how in the past, Humanity needed “Fear” to lead the way for us to survive.  Because there were things that could kill us, big things like animals and little things like germs and viruses threatened our survival, so being afraid helped and benefited us.

Around 2012, with the beginning of the Aquarian Age, humanity entered a new era and the “Fear” that helped us survive in the past became the cause of our destruction.  “Fear” started to create reasons for judgment, hatred and turbulence in society and our relationships.

In my vision, my nervous system lit up inside of me with long white web-like cells (neurons) that spread their light throughout my entire body.  The Dark Mother revealed that many of my neuron connections were based on fear and most of them were now obsolete, completely unnecessary for my survival.  In fact, the unneeded fear inside me was acting like a cancer.

I realized that the transformation we are experiencing is at an evolutionary level! 

Our “Fear” is dying.  As the dense vibration of fear dissolves from our cells, neuron connections are dying off, pathways are clearing and new connections are being born.   The new pathways are based on Compassionate Wisdom.

Wow, now that’s a nervous system I look forward to!

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This Solar Eclipse comes at an auspicious time in our evolution. 

As planets and stars align in Sacred Geometry the Full Moon on August 7th is bringing up to the surface our fears and negativities.  Then, as the Full Moon wanes, it is a time of dying, releasing and letting go.  Finally, it comes to an ultimate crescendo of the big DEATH with the Solar Eclipse on the New Moon of August 21st.

Death is a transformation and transformation is a Birth of something new. Between Death and Rebirth there is always transformation.

New Moon is all about Death and Re-Birth.  The Solar Eclipse will amplify the New Moon energy, so it will be like a New Moon on steroids.  Which means all of our intentions will be stronger, and we will be given a chance to dissolve and change some really old patterns.

The Mayans said that December 2012 began the 5th World Sun and our Solar System entered the darkest part of our Milky Way Galaxy, opening the portal into the 5th dimension.

My teacher Raven said that a Solar Eclipse will open another portal and it will heighten chaos, so that those who are on a spiritual path will be propelled further and those who are not, will be nudged.

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The Primordial Dark Mother showed me that as the moon covers the sun, she will swallow many “Fears” that plague humanity.  We will realize that guns and nukes do not actually protects us from attacks.

Will we have the courage to put our guns down?  Can we be a Country that gets rid of all nukes and chooses the Power of Peacemaking?  Can we trust that no one will attack us?

If we get attacked as we Stand in our Peaceful Power in this transparent world, it will only cause global ripples of compassionate wisdom and a bigger desire for Peace.  Maybe there will be sacrifices as Fear fights for its survival.

Most of us are afraid to lose our Fear, because we think we need it.

A friend of mine said that he doesn’t want his daughter to lose her fear as she moves out into the world by herself, because her fear will protect her from bad people.  But, it is not fear anymore that has the clear eyes of discernment to keep us safe.  It is our awareness, our compassionate wisdom that create the clarity needed to keep us safe in this new world.  This new age is not about teaching children to be careful anymore, it’s about teaching them to be wise, present, aware, intuitive, compassionate..

Can we release the fear of who we are and are not?  Can we trust ourselves?   Others?

Are we wise beings who can make the right choices?  Or do we need to be told what to do and be confined by rules and regulations?

It is time to stop mistrusting our own power, our abilities, our goodness and intuition.  We cannot fear ourselves anymore.  We are not sinners.

We are worthy and we are enough.

Compassionate Wisdom is beginning to lead the way.  It’s a much higher and lighter vibration.  Feel it growing inside you.  Trust that you are worthy of it.




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