Fulfilling Partnership

couple-love-hug.jpgI love to write about overcoming challenges, because those stories create transformation. But, I couldn’t think of a problem in my relationship with Thomas that I had to overcome lately.  It’s been so easy and natural to stay connected and aligned, even with my mother-in-law visiting from Germany.

And the best part is that it hasn’t been boring for one second.

In fact, our passion, connection, playfulness and intimacy have been stronger than ever, and that says a lot about a 12 year relationship!  

Finally I realized: That IS the topic to write about!

My revelation is that all the work I have done on myself has been paying off, all the workshops, books, videos, trainings and retreats have been worth it.  And it has nothing to do with my outer world.  There are still challenges at work, the house still needs to be cleaned, life is busier than ever… but my inner world is at peace, energized, in love and having fun!

It sure feels like “Happily Ever After”, except in the present.  LOL  So, I’m going to change that outdated saying to: “Happily In The Present”!

Yes, it comes and goes, but it IS my primary experience.  It feels solid inside of my body and when I think about my relationship with Thomas, I am filled with pleasure and satisfaction.

I believe everyone can have a partnership that works well for them, inspires them, fills them with love, passion and bliss.

Evolve Together, the relationships workshop I’m leading this Sunday, is going to have all the juiciest wisdom and transformational exercises that I can put together into 3 hours.  I will share the tools that transformed MY old patterns of sabotaging relationships and set satisfaction, joy and pleasure as my foundation.

I believe that success is measured by how joyful we feel about our life.

Are you ready to feel ecstatic about yours?

In the workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of how the MASCULINE & FEMININE relate to each other.  There will be exercises that will help you get your needs met, create passion, connection and partnership.

I will lead you on a Shamanic Journey that will help you attract a conscious partner or have more passion and ease in your present relationship.

You do not have to be in a relationship and you do not have to bring your partner to take this workshop.

Please, register as soon as you can so that your transformation can begin.

Call the Awareness Center at 626-796-1567 to register.

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