Relationship Differences

Most of the time we feel hurt because we misinterpret the opposite sex.  We are operating on bad facts and don’t even know it.

The wrong kind of expectations can make our lives miserable.  We often don’t realize that we expect a man to act like a woman or a woman to act like a man.

We are dangerous when we come from a place of judgments and expectations.  We end up hurt, disrespected and resentful.

THE GOOD NEWS is that most of this is because of a misunderstanding! 

It’s not our fault!  We are just not aware of some very important differences.

For example, did you know that every human has Feminine and Masculine Chakras?  This ancient knowledge has been passed down for thousands of years through Vedic and Shamanic wisdom.

man woman.jpg

If women don’t strengthen and express themselves through their Feminine Chakras and men don’t strengthen and express themselves through their Masculine Chakras then our relationships fall out of balance and we disconnect.  On a personal level, this can cause exhaustion, depression, anxiety, hysteria, anger, illness and even, addictions.

In the EVOLVE TOGETHER workshop, I will share this Vedic / Shamanic wisdom as well as provide many great tools to help you work out relationship differences.

And then, I will lead you on a Shamanic Journey to call in and connect with your Divine Soul Mate.  Contact with this deep reflection of your Soul will naturally help you overcome relationship conflicts, heal trauma and insecurities, and open you up to more effective communication and deeper intimacy with a partner.

Pre-register by calling the Awareness Center at 626-796-1567.

For more information go to MY WEBSITE.

Magnificent relationships are about doing your own work, so, whether you are single or in a partnership, if you come alone or with someone, this workshop will take you to the next level in your relationships.

Evolve Together flyer.jpgBONUS

In one of my past relationship workshops I shared that a big part of intimacy happens in how you’re listening.  “Listening to learn” will completely transform your listening experience, because it opens you up to see between the lines.  This kind of listening makes just about any topic pleasant and causes people to share more of themselves.

To learn more, read my blog: I see you (listening to heal)

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