Goddess Activation

Last month I was guided to Cozumel Island, where I visited the temple of the Mayan Goddess Ixchel.  I felt her calling me for months!  Guided by the gentle breeze, I walked the stone path to her temple and sat on her huge Altar.

I felt an intense energy go up into my womb, exploding in my body like ecstatic fireworks.  I received the most powerful Goddess activation of my life and a new level of awareness, wisdom and confidence has been growing in me ever since.

Ixchel is the Ancient Mayan Goddess of fertility and healing.  Ix means Feminine Energy, Chel means rainbow or light, so she is the Goddess of Feminine Rainbow Light.

She wears a serpent on her head, representing medicine woman with intuitive healing powers.   She is the Goddess of fertility and the mother of all.  She’s the weaver of life cycles, Goddess of the moon and bodies of water, carrying a vessel of nourishing water in her hands.

She holds a lot of spiritual knowledge and teaches women about the power of birth and death.

In the Powerful Women Workshop on Sunday, April 2, I will open a portal, call in Goddess Ixchel and activate her Sacred Rainbow Light inside all of the women, as she has taught me to do.  

If you are ready to awaken the power of your femininity, call the Awareness Center Yoga Studio at 626-796-1567 to register for the workshop.

Powerful Women flyer 4-2.jpg


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