Women who save the world!

“The world will be saved by the western woman” said Dalai Lama.

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But, how are we going to save this world?

By fighting for our place of leadership?  By starting a war against men?  By withholding sex and attention from men until they give it?


The answer is:  by being in our Feminine Power!

Fighting, protesting, war or withholding are not going to bring us peace and happiness.

To be in our Feminine Power we need to understand what it is.

It’s the creative magic that is within us, the power to transform our environment with a single word, with a smile, with our kind wisdom.  It’s the power to bring out the best in others while standing confidently in our truth, our pleasure and our magnificent bodies.

It is the power to radiate our light, to invite into the mystery, to even be able to tap into the power of our shadows.

We can save this world if we know our worth, if we know how to give men purpose, to inspire, to ask, and most importantly to receive with a feminine grace.

When this world is finally received by us, all will be soothed and there will be no more reason left for war.

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If you’re in a female body, there is an important reason for that in this intense time that we live in.  Our society helps us master masculine energy, which is also important, but what’s the point of being a woman if we act like men?

In the Powerful Women Workshop I will lead you through a sacred exercise that will transform your dark fears into unique gifts of your soul – WHO YOU TRULY ARE!  You will be able to restore your relationship with your special God given gifts and fully embody your Feminine Powers!

To register call the Awareness Center Yoga at 626-796-1567.





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