Trump teaches a Spiritual Lesson

Once again, Spirit provides a great lesson: INSPIRATION ALWAYS WINS!

I was shocked to see so many people around me too disappointed in their presidential choices to vote this time.

I didn’t know what to do with my choices either, so I asked Spirit for help.

Spirit provided me with a beautiful vision, showing me that having a female body in a presidential post would be enough to transform the psyche of many people.  Inspired, I read through the ballot thoroughly for the first time in my life and voted with full awareness.

I woke up in the morning to Trump as the President of the United States of America. 

What now?

I know that Spirit always has a plan and we get exactly what we need. 

Nevertheless, I needed more guidance so I asked Spirit to show me what truly happened in this election and a great realization came!

Here is how I translate what Spirit told me:

People who voted for Trump desired him; they were deeply inspired and fired up for transformation.  They wanted Trump to be their president and they believed that he could make their lives and their Country better.

People who voted for Clinton were voting for the lesser of the two evils.  Without much inspiration and out of obligation they voted to “save” themselves from Trump, the embarrassment of this Country.  That kind of creating has no power of manifestation, no momentum and no energy.  It’s full of resistance.

Trumps people were true creators; they told the Universe exactly what they wanted!  

Spirit sees no good or evil, right or wrong.  Spirit sees inspiration, power, desire to manifest, momentum of creative energy and authentic excitement about the outcome.

Trumps voters had that.

And then, another spiritual lesson came through: HAVE FUN! 

Trump seemed to be having fun throughout the whole process.  He was having fun talking smack at the podium, flirting, bullshitting, making up slogans and a bunch of other crap.  He was a riot when he was on TV.  He didn’t seem to take any of it too seriously, and even when he was serious, he was not attached to his seriousness.  He seemed to be goofing off!

That’s another lesson in manifestation, a lesson on how to live life, how to thrive!


Here in California, we are at the leading edge of consciousness.  I know that we will find a way to continue to expand our awareness, our wisdom and compassion, no matter who our President may be!

Trump will be bringing us many more spiritual lessons.  So, keep your spirit eyes open…


  1. Trump also provides an opportunity for us all to realize and strengthen our deepest, truest belief systems to harness our peace and ultimate surrender to what is…we shouldn’t fear the unknown. We must remember we are ALL CO-CREATING this reality and we must continue and look for the twists and surprising turns ahead as we have already manifested now.


    • Brilliantly said, my dear Allison! The Unknown is filled with unlimited possibilities, so let us not get too attached to what IS. Reality is just the starting point, where we take it from here is up to us.
      I was telling a friend at my yoga class that we can’t just let Trump’s voters have all the happy thoughts. It is our challenge to trust the unfolding of our lives and find joy and inspiration with whatever life gives us.


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