Healing Yourself Healing Others


Our time here on earth is quickening.  I can feel the vibrational frequencies of the atoms around us and within us pick up speed and I discover an unexpected symptom:

Our deepest traumas are clearing out of our bodies. 


Traumas are dense, low vibrating energies.  As the Aquarian Age is raising the frequencies of our bodies, the lower frequencies are being squeezed out.  In our physical bodies this may look like anxiety, exhaustion, panic attacks, stomach aches, headaches, depression…even illness, like cancer.  We may feel bad when a trauma is clearing, but we can feel gloriously blissful every time a piece of it moves out.

There is a need for more healing and hope.

Yogi Bhajan told us that the Aquarian Age will create more intense bliss as well as more intense suffering.  It can feel excruciating when we come face to face with a trauma and even more excruciating as it is clearing out or transforming.  The bliss comes after with great relief!

Will the need to heal ever end?  I don’t know.  As I continue to heal myself, people come to me and ask me to help them heal.  As I help them heal, I find myself healing deeper.  Whenever we focus on healing, massive Universal Forces send us their healing light.  I can feel their magical support system.

Awakening our healer within is not a recreational hobby anymore.  At this day and age it’s a necessity.  It’ is skill that we need to survive this ever changing magnificent creation.

I love this quote by Yogi Bhajan:

“People will be attracted to you like the magnet attracts iron.  They will ask you for help.  They are not asking “you” for help, they are asking your aura to help them… Just extend yourself…just help them to calm their inner volcano.”

I find it helpful to keep my focus on beauty and inspiration and let what’s fun and joyful guide me, stay present to my heart and listen to my spirit.  I use Mother Nature, yoga and meditation to re-balance, realign and heal myself daily.  I learn to trust the unfolding of my life experience.


With deep pleasure, I invite you to join me for a 40 day meditation that was taught by Yogi Bhajan in 1999 and is designed to help us develop the power to heal. As you do this meditation, you will heal yourself and at the same time develop the power to heal others.  I love doing this meditation to Snatam Kaur’s RaMaDaSa.

I will be including this meditation into my weekly yoga class on Thursday nights at the Awareness Center for the next 40 days!

Also, take advantage of the upcoming Healer Training starting in May at the Awareness Center as taught by the powerful shaman priestess kundalini yoga teacher Wahe Guru Kaur.  It will knock your socks off!!!

Here is the Healing Meditation to do for 40 days (if you don’t have 11 minutes, then just do it for 3 minutes):

RaMaDaSa meditation

RaMaDaSa meditation2

Please, let me know how it’s going for you in the comments section below!  And for deeper healing and understand of trauma, I recommend a great book by my teacher Dr. Raven Lee “Unbinding the Soul”.

With deep love and gratitude,




    • Dearest Allison!
      Our group 40 days with the Awareness Center begins on April 1st.
      However, I have already started doing the meditation last Thursday to begin building the energy and the momentum, so I’ll end up doing over 60 days. You are welcome to start your 40 days before April 1st if you like.
      May 10th will be our last day!
      Love, light and healing to you my dear,


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