Kundalini Yoga Shaman

I sat in a morning ritual circle with Siberian Shaman friends last Sunday, chanting, singing, praying… and that’s when Yogi Bhajan spoke to me.

We were high with spirit and deeply in sync after a beautiful nature run followed by meditative movement.

Shaman Dance

I called in my deepest desires for the new Chinese year with powerful decrees in my own unique dance among a circle of supporters. Spirit moved with goose bumps and waves of elation!  

And when we sat down to do our closing circle, sing and chant, it happened…

One of the participants put Snatam Kaur’s “Long Time Sun” song on and I started singing along.  The energy of Kundalini Yoga blended into my high and my spirit began to soar higher than before.

Suddenly, Yogi Bhajan appeared in front of me.  His kind face smiling, his penetrating stare looking deep into my subconscious, waiting for me to ask my burning question.

“I’ve gotten so good at non-reacting to things that push my buttons, Yogi Bhajan.”  I said to him.  “But, I can’t let go of this one thing.  This thing (I’m called to keep it confidential for now) that can push my deepest button, the button with roots so far into my being that I can not even imagine ever fully healing it.”

“Please, please take it away!”  I pleaded.

“You have asked to be strong and non-reactive, my child.”  Yogi Bhajan responded compassionately, but very directly.

“This biggest button is your Gage.” he said: “Use it to know how good you are getting at your non-reactive power.  Let it help you master your non-reactive strength.”

Then he raised his hand and I watched him shoot a white lightening rod into the center of my chest.  It filled me with deep understanding, patience and bliss…

On my drive home, I thought about how blessed I am to get to teach the magnificence of Kundalini Yoga, to have my daily morning yoga practice and feel the protection and guidance of the holy master who brought Kundalini Yoga to my corner of the world.

I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga classes on Thursday nights, 7:30 pm at the Awareness Center in Pasadena for over 13 years now.  I LOVE IT!

In deep humble gratitude,

Beatris Sat Avtar Kaur

Rainbow circle



  1. such a profound message you received Be! I’m very glad for you that a message with such benefit penetrated your soul my dear friend/sister spirit!

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