“She does WHAT?”

This is what I would have exclaimed 15 years ago if I heard that a woman is committed to pleasuring herself for 10 minutes a day: “She does WHAT?”  Most women don’t have 10 minutes a day to devote to pleasure. There is too much to do, too much to stress about.


When I say pleasure, I’m not talking about sex.  Sex doesn’t always mean pleasure for women. 

What I mean by pleasuring yourself is doing something that makes your body feel good and awakens your senses, your sensuality, gets your juices flowing.  Body movement, dancing, shaking, intuitive stretching, breathing meditations, pelvic rocking, yoga, self massage… are all ways to fill yourself with pleasure.

Remember, pleasure is what fuels your ability to create, to regenerate, to be present in the center of your life.  Pleasure opens up your receptivity, awakens your feminine energy and your body’s intuitive ability.  This is why you have 8,000 nerves in your body devoted to pleasure!

Pleasure counteracts stress and heals tension.  It awakens our connection to life.

Pleasure awakens the Goddess!

As a woman, your sexuality and sensuality are a part of your medicine, your balancing of power.  It is how you pray.  What is your Goddess within earning for?  What would bring her daily pleasure?  Are you willing to commit to bathing her in pleasure 10 minutes a day?

No one is going to give it to you, woman! 

You gotta ask for it.  You gotta take it.

Daily pleasuring will heal your body and mind, transform your mood and your relationships.  It will  expand into more pleasure all over your life and before you know it your Goddess will take over most of your day!

Side effects include more passion, ease, fun and flow.  And YES, better sex is also a convenient side effect.

Are you ready?

I call upon you to stand with me for women defiantly loving themselves for no reason and having daily acts of pleasure.  Let this be our prayer.

It’s time to TURN ON!


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