How to Create a Sacred World

forest light

In my practice I have discovered that when I become aware of the sacredness of anything, it becomes sacred. Today life became even clearer as I was reading “Healing with Form, Energy and Light” by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

He writes: “Sacred relationships are defined not only in terms of how we relate to what is outside of us. Relating to the sacred also brings us to the deepest sense of ourselves, to what is sacred in us.”

So, our feeling of sacredness for something outside of us awakens the sacred part that is within us.  This is Law of Attraction!  It makes me realized that we can use anything in our environment to transform the world within us.

Take a look around you and see what you can feel sacred about. See if you can awaken a feeling of sacredness as you sit down to eat, as you take a walk, as you approach people, as you sit down to write at your desk, as you see animals, assign the job of being sacred to many objects in your house…You can awaken the sacred magic of the Universe by becoming aware of it.  Try it now, please.  Feel sacred about something.

Do you feel the shift in your consciousness?

And the things you feel silly considering as sacred, ask yourself why? There is a hidden message there waiting for you to uncover about yourself.

“We are in relationship with everything. That’s what this life is = relationship with everything. Sacred relationship finds something sacred outside, but that which recognizes the sacred is the sacred inside.”

The more we awaken the sacred within us, the more we can awaken the light within us, the more we become enlightened and radiant. That means we thrive in vitality, youth, calm, clarity, beauty… Our lives become filled with ease, effortless flow and deep satisfaction.


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