Creating life with every breath

The only difference between work and play is our attitude.  As I continue to hike five days a week, I am reminded of how nature’s work is so full of joy, pleasure and blooming vivaciousness.  She has such a brilliant attitude!

blooming white

Nature is so sexy, so sensual, so full of heart, abundance and beauty!  When I become aware of my sensuality, my heart, the abundance and beauty around me, my body opens up and everything begins to flow, energy comes pouring in.   Then magically, work turns into play!

Practice setting the rhythm, mood and pace in every aspect of your life.  Keep listening to your body and let it’s wisdom be your guide.  Become aware, right now…  Take deep breaths, relax, feed your spirit to overflowing.  Open up your senses and play!

In love, Beatris


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