Conscious Creating

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In this new age, we are learning is to be aware of what we are creating in the present moment, all the time.

Conscious Creating means you write your own story. We are all learning how to do this.

Too many of our stories have been written by others. We were told by our family, our community, the media and our culture what our life story should be like. What we should worry about and what should make us happy. We have been told that we need to follow in our parent’s footsteps, or become a doctor or a lawyer, get married, stay married, have children, we are taught to worry, feel guilty about who we are and what we really want.  We are encouraged to stay in the rat race and run our adrenals to death and instilled a fear of laziness. We have learned to complain to and about each, look a certain way, act a certain way, be a good person, whatever that means…  It’s time we learn to write our own story.

I have been working on creating my own stories, consciously.  Here is one of my favorite stories to meditate about.  I even meditate on this story in my car, on a hike, or just sitting at work when no one is around.  Maybe it will inspire you to write your own story.

This story’s title is: “Loving Appreciation”

“I love to appreciate. When I appreciate it puts me in a good mood. So, I go around appreciating everything I can think of; the sunset; beauty where I can find it; my deep, life-giving breaths; my magnificent body that is infinitely wise; the Universe, the brilliance of my life, my dogs, my house, my husband… I love how appreciating makes me feel, so I do it as often as I can and I appreciate as many things as I can.

I love meditating on the feeling of appreciation and how it expands me and connects me to the hearts of all beings on this Earth. I look for things to appreciate about my husband and what he provides for me. It is my practice to notice his efforts and appreciate him often.  I love how he reacts to it, so I smother it on real thick.  So, it may feed his ego a bit, but it feeds his soul as well, it feeds his whole being, it gifts him with energy and power, just like it feeds me with energy and power. I love being full of appreciation and positive reinforcement.  Appreciation heals my body, my heart and my mind. I hold this feeling in my body for as long as I can until it becomes me.”

So, now it’s your turn to write your own story. Come up with a feeling for your story, like “appreciation” or “freedom” or “trust” or “relaxing” or “serene” or “graceful” and base your story on that feeling. And then all you have to do is live this new story, start bringing it into your reality, into your daily life.

Don’t worry; it will start to feel natural if you keep practicing. Yogi Bhajan said “fake it till you make it”.  I say “fake it till you become it”.  Do this and you will be creating your life consciously, whatever you want it to be.

I deeply appreciate you for taking this time to read my blog.  I bless you and I look forward to your comments or questions.

Thank you,



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