Sacred Relationships

Sacred relationships

When we treat and approach our relationships as sacred, our ego finds more reverence and our spirit guides us. When we get caught up in complaining and blaming our partner in our heads or out loud, we begin to lose respect and grace for our partner and ourselves. A quick way to shift the energy is to remind ourselves to look, speak and respond to the God or Goddess within our partner.  Look through a question:  How is your partner magnificent, brilliant, attractive…? Begin to approach your communication as sacred, spirit speaking to spirit. When I remember to do this, my relationship becomes sacred, I feel the spirit thicken around me, magical things happen.

If your partner complains or blames you, know that it is your partner’s spirit mirroring you. You may be complaining or blaming yourself and you may need to spend more time nurturing and loving yourself. Hold your space, remember the God-consciousness within you, your highest self, remember that you have no faults, you are perfect just the way you are and let your spirit show you what is really going on beneath the complaining and blaming.

No one is perfect. God is not perfect either, just look around you. But, that is the perfection of this world: it’s infinite variety of choices, it’s all expanding and evolving manifestations. You can either look at your partner and see their fears and hear their hatred and rejections; or you can look at them with compassion and see their pain and their desire to feel better.  All complains and blaming are just pleas and desires expressed from a place of lack and suffering. Can you see the many inspired manifestations that hide behind their words?

It is smart for us to accept that our partner, just like us, is learning about what they want and need.  Our wants and needs change as we change and evolve. We are also learning to understand ourselves, what we desire and are in the process of creating. Creation is Sacred and every word, every glance, every step is Creating.

Be conscious of what you are creating in the present moment all the time. Know that the Universe is always listening and providing to you in every moment. The Universe is creating through you, it trusts you to guide its expansion. It is programmed to give you what you want, but you need to learn how to ask her properly.

Secret: Practice being what you want.

You want fun? Laugh more, look for what’s fun, what’s funny. Don’t take yourself or your partner too seriously. Look for a funny perspective on anything and everything.  You will create the fun you desire.

You want more love? Love more, look for how love expresses herself to you, look for how your partner shows their love, understand and accept their experience of loving and being loved.  Found out what love really means, the unconditional, spiritual kind.

You want to be worshiped and adored? Adore more, workshop yourself and your partner. See and treat yourself and your partner sacred. I love doing this while lovemaking. I start with setting a sacred space and worshiping the sensual temple that holds my spirit, and then I worship the magnificent temple that holds my partners spirit. I become a Goddess adoring my God as we create ecstatic bliss together. It’s so much fun!

I will be teaching more in-depth about how to create Sacred Relationships and about manifesting your intentions and desires in The Relationship Workshop on Nov, 9, 2014.  To find out more about The Relationship Workshop go to

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Thank you for taking this time to empower your relationship.  I look forward to reading your comments below.



  1. I love the article! I feel calm about my relationship just reading it. Thank you. I will work on holding the space within myself for allowing these teachings to come through into my marriage:)


    • Thank you Allison!
      You have such a great relationship with your husband already. I love that you’re taking it to the next level! This is a magical time we live & love in! A time on earth for us to create heavenly relationships.
      Lots of love,
      Be 🙂


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