The spiritual nervous system


Did you know that you have a nervous system in your body that can directly access your spirit? What if you could tap into your spirit in just one minute, anytime you needed?

Exciting, huh?

I recently discovered a great way to do just that and I’m about to share it with you. All it takes is willingness and a shift in your perspective!

I first learned about the 2 nervous systems of a human body back in college, the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic nervous systems. You may remember this in a science class. Well, what I didn’t learn is that one of these nervous systems is designed to access the human spirit.

The Sympathetic nervous system is all about instinctual action. It is designed for survival and it activates the fight or flight response. It mobilizes in situations of stress, because the body relates stress to danger. This is why it increases the heart rate, increases the release of sugar from the liver into the blood stream and shuts off the digestion, so that we can survive by fighting or running as fast as we can. So, whenever we feel stressed, this system turns on. These days, many people are addicted to stress and are wondering why their bodies are exhausted. Our society seems to be running on stress.

The Parasympathetic nervous system is talked about in the scientific world as the nervous system that relaxes the body and slows down the heart rate. But, I have recently had an epiphany about it, realizing that the Parasympathetic nervous system is designed to channel the human spirit! There is a lot of science on the symptoms this system produces, but I haven’t seen anything on the root cause and the reason for its existence. I understand that it slows down the heart rate, increases intestinal and glandular activity, and it does it so that the body goes into healing mode. Necessary hormones and enzymes begin to secrete, causing a feeling of relaxation. The sphincter muscles relax, so that the body can feel grounded and open, also activating the lower chakras. It stimulates the secretion of saliva and digestive enzymes into the stomach to help us process our food as well as our emotions and any stuck energy. When this nervous system is turned on, well-being begins to fill us up as our spirit begins to flow its energy effortlessly through the body.

When stress and tension are released by the body we have immediate access to our spirit. We are not taught to be aware of this, but in this age of awareness, we are starting to feel it more and more.

Basically when the body feels safe & open, it can relax into letting the spirit drive. When the spirit is driving, the body automatically goes into healing mode, we feel balanced, free of anxiety and return to a state of bliss. And then, we have access to all the answers we need, we become clear, energized, and graceful. Excitingly, at least to me, is that we can tap into the Parasympathetic nervous system and get in touch with our spirit in our daily life experiences! WE can cause this to happen!  Our access to the Parasympathetic nervous system is often only a few breaths away.  I’ve been practicing shifting from sympathetic to parasympathetic using only 1 slow deep aware breath.  All I have to do is intend for the shift to happen, become aware of my body, take a deep breath and I shift!  The more deep aware breaths I take, intending to access my spiritual nervous system the easier & faster I switch from stress to flow.

As a scientist, there’s no question that the Parasympathetic nervous system is there in my body. As a yogi, I have learned that people give way too little credit to the power of our breath. As a spiritual being, I know that we can use our awareness to create anything we desire.

At first, my mind was fighting with me: “This can’t be that easy. This is just my imagination. Nothing is really happening.”   But that was just my mind resisting to let go and let my spirit drive my body.

Before you try it, know that if your mind starts negating your experience, that’s totally normal in the beginning. Just feel the difference. Trust yourself. Trust what you feel.

So, are you willing to try it now? Nobody will know you’re doing it, even if you’re in a crowded place. I do this in meetings, on walks and especially in the middle of intense, stressful conversations.

Here we go:   Become Aware on your whole body and set an intention to access your spiritual nervous system. Take a deeeeeep slooooooow inhale, hold gently, and exhale sloooooowly! Stay aware of your body, specially the space around your heart and take another deep slow breath.

Your spirit is always there. It is up to you to open your awareness up to it. It’s inside you, waiting for you. Take as many deep breaths as you need, intending for this shift to happen. Trust yourself. You don’t need to figure it out. This is your innate ability. This is your birth right!

When our spirit is in charge, it can utilize the body’s wisdom at its fullest potential, manifesting the potential for superhuman athletes and brilliant creators. When both nervous systems work together in harmony we have optimum function.  Keep practicing and basking in the experience of being aware of your spirit in your body. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel!

It’s so simple, but powerful and we all have access to this possibility!

Please, let me know if this works for you and what it’s bringing up. I’m excited to communicate with you through your comments.


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