If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

There are revelations hidden everywhere within our world.  But it takes a change of awareness to see them.

if mama ain't happy

When I first saw the sign “If momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.” I thought it was hilarious, so I printed it out and showed it to my family. I loved how it was proof that: “Ya’ll better keep momma happy or else.” My family thought it was funny too and we all giggled, although they looked a little worried. I was shy about hanging the sign up on my fridge, because I thought it was a bit too threatening and negative, but I kept it.

A year later, I was puttering around the house in a great mood and I found this sign in a stack of papers. A revelation opened my awareness to a moment of “Aha!”. I thought: “What if it is MY responsibility to be happy, no matter what the circumstances and conditions are around me?” “What if my happiness is up to me, and no one else, and I have to find it no matter what?” and “What if it is up to me to show up happy to my family and be so grounded in my happiness that everyone gravitates to a state of happiness?”, after all, emotions are contagious.   And then I took it even further: “What if I make a commitment to being happy and even take on the responsibility for infecting my environment with happiness.”

All of a sudden, “If mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.” took a whole new meaning to me.  It became a reminder of my power and the endless opportunities I have to sprinkle happiness everywhere I go. I realized that I have the power to either spread worry, depression, criticism and stress or I can spread happiness, fun, ease and joy. And it all depends on how I feel. How I feel. And I decide how I feel!

I hung up this sign in my bathroom so that I can see it every morning. It reminds me every time that it’s my choice to either show up spreading happiness or show spreading dread. I have been choosing happiness!


    • Hi Zepur,
      My next workshop seminar is on November 9th from 2 to 4:30 at The Awareness Center. I look forward to seeing you there!
      If you have time, come to my Thursday night yoga class at The Awareness Center and we can have a little private chat after class 😉
      Lots of love,


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