Are you feeling silly or serious?

We have been taught to be serious from the time we were little. Most of our parents and teachers shushed and stopped us when we got wild and loud. Our society has trained us that if we don’t act seriously we will not be respected and “taken seriously”.

Secret: Seriousness stops, blocks the energy flow.


When we feel serious about a situation or a problem in our life we literally suck the life out of it. But, we’ve been told that we HAVE to be serious people, and being silly is, well, just silly.

Serious energy is often laced with desperation, sadness, dread, neediness and even anger. Too much seriousness closes the heart.

I noticed that whenever I show up to talk to my husband with a serious energy, he either thinks I’m lecturing, criticizing him or starting a fight. My serious attitude makes him feel defensive.

Finding a different way to approach my issues and problems that I feel so serious about has made all the difference. I learned to find a way to make light of it, to soften the dread and hardness of seriousness about any problem or issue. Things that help me are: Laughing about how significant and important I’ve been making it all, letting go of my attachments to outcomes and letting myself feel silly.

After all, joy and seriousness don’t exist together in the same space. So, I came up with a few great questions to ask yourself when you’re feeling stuck and serious:

“What if I don’t have to be serious about this?” “How can I laugh about this?” or   “How can I have fun with this?”
You see, seriousness is not open to possibilities, it’s very set in stone. While fun and silliness are full of possibilities, in fact, they’re open to infinite possibilities and solutions. Fun and silliness soften our energy and bring our vibration up, they clear the stagnating energy.

Secret: Life is supposed to be fun!

Notice what you feel serious about in yourself and your relationships and you’ll know where you need to soften the energy and lighten it up. What if you didn’t have to be so serious about it?

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